Introduction to Triathlon

One and All Cycling not only focuses on cycling as a specific activity but also welcomes people from any other multi discipline sport where cycling is included.
We have a number of male and female members of our club who are primarily triathletes but use the bike skills coaching, experience and training available at One & All Club rides, time trials and road races to improve their cycling split times.
Triathletes who come from running and swimming backgrounds are often very fit but can have poor bike technique and position. By training with experienced cyclists and club members who are strong time triallists, they can rapidly improve their bike times and overall placings.
We welcome and support any person who wants to join our club to improve cycling skills and fitness from whatever sporting discipline they come from.
Who knows…the triathletes who join us might even convince a few cycling only die-hards to dip their toes in the water!
For more information on triathlons try visiting the British Triathlon Federation.
For information on triathlon events in Cornwall use the links provided.

Jubilee Pool Aquathlon Series 2013

It is Mounts Bay Harriers’ sixth year of organising the Jubilee Pool Aquathlon Series and the first race of 2013 attracted 75 hardy competitors from all over the country to take to the chilly waters of Jubilee Pool! Hertfordshire, Cheshire, Bristol, Somerset, Devon, Shropshire provided about 15% of the competitors with locals from Cornwall making up the rest.

50% of competitors wore a wetsuit and the remainder braved it in their swimming costumes. A refreshing easterly breeze blew in off the sea to cool the competitors on the run once they had finished their exhilarating swim.

The idea of the aquathlon is to swim the 200 metre triangle of the pool and then run two miles along Penzance Promenade to Tolcarne and back again. The fastest take just over 12 minutes, the slowest over 30 minutes. No-one knows where they have finished until the final results are produced as competitors enter the pool at 30 second intervals and go flat out until they cross the finish line. Seconds count in this race!

For some this was their first multi-sport race, others just took it in their stride. Ages ranged from 13 to 65 with prizes for first and second in seven different age categories for both male and female. Having more age groups means that people who do not normally get prizes are recognised for their efforts.

A special mention should go to Claire Sharp who has only recently taken up running and swimming and finished her first ever race. Also Ray Frith of Newquay Triathletes turned up without his running shoes and so had to run in his normal leather shoes!

Overall Mounts Bay Harriers took first, second and third for the men – Pete Le Grice 12.37, Jacob Wood 13.48 and Kyle Kearey 14.06. First Female was Ellie Ringwood in 15.14, second Melissa 15.51 and third Shannon O’Connell 16.04.
Full Results

The second race in the series is on Wednesday, 26 June 2013 at 7pm. Registration commences one hour beforehand.
[Updated Monday 27 May 2013]
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St Austell Super Sprint Triathlon

Sunday 12 May 2013

This is the first year for the St Austell Super Sprint Triathlon. The course is perfect for novice triathletes due to the super flat course and the closed road cycle route.

The event is not part of the 2013 Cornwall Triathlon Series but can be used as a stepping stone to the other triathlons within the Series.

Event Headquarters
Par Sands Holiday Park

Entry Fee

Swim 400m
The swim takes place in the sea at Par Beach.

Cycle 10km
The cycle consists of two laps on the Imerys Haul Road. The course takes place on a flat road which will be closed to vehicles.

Run 2.5km
The run route goes around the holiday park, onto the beach, to finish in the center of Par Sands Holiday Park.

For more info' please visit
[Updated Thursday 18 April 2013]
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2013 Cornwall triathlon series announced

The 2013 Cornwall Triathlon Series:

Liskeard Triathlon Sunday 5 May Sprint Distance - Pool Based

Marazion Triathlon Sunday 19 May Standard AND Middle Distance - Open Water

Helston Triathlon Sunday 2 June Sprint Distance - Pool Based

Falmouth Triathlon Sunday 16 June Sprint Distance - Open Water

Bodmin Triathlon Sunday 14 July Sprint Distance - Pool Based

Stithians Lake Triathlon Sunday 28 July Standard Distance - Open Water

Perranporth Triathlon Sunday 8 September Standard - Open Water

Newquay Triathlon Sunday 22 September Standard Distance - Open Water

Siblyback Lake Triathlon Sunday 29 September Sprint Distance - Open Water

Wadebridge Triathlon Sunday 13 October Sprint Distance - Pool Based

For more details please visit
[Updated Friday 16 November 2012]
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Cornwall Triathlon Series Awards Evening

Cornwall Triathlon Series Awards Evening

On Saturday 10th November, the Sands Resort, Newquay played host to the inaugural Cornwall Triathlon Series Awards Presentation evening. Over 120 people from Cornwall’s ever growing Triathlon Community attended the red carpet styled awards evening in Newquay.
The awards evening was organised by Carrick Leisure and sponsored by Triathlon England, to celebrate the achievements of the participants and winners of this year’s Cornwall Triathlon Series.
The awards were presented by Special Guests including Olympic Bronze 10 km Open Water Swimming medalist, Cassie Patten, Dave Hooper from Triathlon England, Steve Coram, Cycle Logic, Neil Langdon from Series Sponsors, Giant Bicycles, Ed Boyden from USN and Jonathan Woods, Chairman of Carrick Leisure Ltd.
Carrick Leisure introduced the concept of running a series of triathlons in Cornwall in partnership with Triathlon England. According to Carrick Leisure the series has attracted over 1,000 individual competitors. There were 10 qualifying events, held at Penzance, Liskeard, Marazion, Helston, Falmouth, Stithians, Perranporth, Bodmin, Newquay and Wadebridge. Competitors were only allowed to count their best 6 qualifying events with 150 points available for overall winner in both the men’s and women’s.
Geoff Samuels, Senior Community Leisure Officer for Carrick Leisure, explained: “Since developing the concept of the triathlon series earlier last year the interest and support from the triathlon community has been exceptional. Carrick Leisure thought it fitting that we rewarded the winners and participants of the Cornwall Triathlon Series.”
Dave Hooper, Triathlon England Regional Development Manager, said: “The Cornwall Triathlon Series has been a massive success and Triathlon England has been very impressed with the concept. Since its inception the numbers of competitors has grown and grown and we are looking at promoting this as an example of exceptional working practice that should be adopted throughout the Country.”

2012 Winners

Male Vets – 60+
Presented by - Dave Hooper, Triathlon England
Winner – Ivor Earl – Tamar Trotters
2nd Place – Eddie Sugar
3rd – Barry Drew – Tri Logic

Female Vets – Age 60+
Presented by – Dave Hooper, Triathlon England
Winner – Marilyn Mitchell, St Austell Triathletes

Male Junior – Age 17- 20
Presented by – Chris Hailey – Series Referee
Winner – Callum Robert, Newquay Triathletes

Novice of the Series
Presented by – Chris Hailey – Series Referee
Winner – Clive Boyes-Hunter, Gyllngvase SLC

Female Classic – Age 50 - 59
Presented by – Karl Bickley – Area Manager USN
Joint Winners – Lesley Richardson, Newquay Triathletes &
Lisa Player, St Austell Triathletes
3rd Place – Jackie Swift, Tri Logic

Male Classic – Age 50 - 59
Presented by – Ed Boyden – Area Manager USN
Winner – Mark King, Tri Logic
2nd Place – John Thompson, Newquay Triathletes
3rd Place – Barry Jackson, Tri Logic

Female Masters – Age 40 - 49
Presented by – Jonathan Woods – Chairman, Carrick Leisure Ltd
Winner – Anne Maskell, Cycle Logic
2nd Place – Sarah Myford, Cycle Logic
3rd Place – Lisa Crawford

Male Masters – Age 40 - 49
Presented by – Jonathan Woods – Chairman, Carrick Leisure Ltd
Winner – Steve Marks, Newquay Triathletes
2nd Place – David Pell, Tri Logic
3rd Place –
Andrew Smith, One and All – Jonno Gibbins, Trizone – Darren Porter, Tri Logic

Female Senior – Age 21 - 39
Presented by – Steve Coram – Cycle Logic
Winner – Helen Webb, Mounts Bay Triathletes
2nd Place – Sandi Hill, Newquay Triathletes
3rd Place – Liane Holt, Newquay Triathletes

Male Senior – Age 21 - 39
Presented by – Steve Coram – Cycle Logic
Joint Winners – Dave Bartlett, Cycle Logic – Neil Eddy, Cycle Logic
3rd Place – Ian Wright, Truro River Rowing Club

Special Award
Presented by – Giles Obrien – Coach Education Manager, Triathlon England
Jonno Gibbins – For completing all ten of the Cornwall Triathlon Series Events.

Open Female
Presented by – Cassie Patten and Neil Langdon, Area Manager, Giant
Winner – Anne Maskell, Cycle Logic
2nd Place – Helen Webb, Mounts Bay Harriers
3rd Place – Sarah Myford, Cycle Logic

Open Male
Presented by – Cassie Patten and Neil Langdon, Area Manager, Giant
Joint Winners – Neil Eddy, Cycle Logic – Dave Bartlett, Cycle Logic
3rd Place – Steve Marks, Newquay Triathletes.
[Updated Friday 16 November 2012]
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29th Aug - Race 4 in MBH’s Jubilee Pool Aquathlon Series 2012

90 competitors and 30 marshals turned up for the 4th and final race in MBH’s Jubilee Pool Aquathlon Series 2012. The pool temperature was meant to be about 18 degrees but the wind was cooling everything to about 10 degrees – or so it felt to most of the competitors… As well as having to run into a head wind along the Prom the competitors also had to swim into a head wind with many swim times being recorded slower for the final event. The worst of the head wind was just outside the cafe entrance where the wind was being funneled which needed extreme effort to get through. At least it was a tail wind on the way back….
About 30 minutes into the event the heavens opened giving those competitors who went off later a disadvantage of having to run into a solid sheet of rain which was being driven into their faces (the marshals also got a bit wet!). Pete Le Grice didn’t seem to notice the extreme conditions and once more went on to win the event. He did have close competition in the form of Dave Bartlett who was just seven seconds behind him, with 18-year-old Callum Jones one minute behind Dave.
Issy Steele once again showed her strength and was first female across the line. At only 16 years of age she is going to be a force to be reckoned with in years to come. Melissa Reid was second with Natasha Mundell in third. All three ladies are from Gyllyngvase SLSC. Full Results -
All finishers received a special medal to celebrate organiser; Yvonne Turner’s 50th Birthday!

Male under 20
1 Callum Jones (Cornwall AC)
2 Thomas Wood (Mounts Bay Harriers)
3 Jacob Wood (Mounts Bay Harriers)
Female under 20
1 Issy Steele (Gyllyngvase SLSC)
2 Natasha Mundell (Gyllyngvase SLSC)
3 Rosie Tonkin (Mounts Bay Harriers)
Male 20-39
1 Pete Le Grice (Mounts Bay Harriers)
2 David Bartlett (Cycle Logic)
3 Jonas Gummesson (Newquay Triathletes)
Female 20-39
1 Melissa Reid (Gyllyngvase SLSC)
2 Jane Manning (Mounts Bay Harriers)
3 Emily Trebilcock (Gyllyngvase SLSC)
Male 40+
1 Allan Reid (Gyllyngvase SLSC)
2 Andrew Smith (One and All Cycling)
3 Julian Wills (Mounts Bay Harriers)
Female 40+
1 Sasha Osborne
2 Michaela Holley (Tri Logic)
3 Kathryn Osborn (Tri Logic)

Jubilee Pool Series 2012 results -
The series was best of three results out of the four races.

Male under 20
1 Thomas Wood (Mounts Bay Harriers)
2 Jacob Wood (Mounts Bay Harriers)
3 Sam Steele
Female under 20
1 Isabel Steele (Gyllyngvase SLSC)
2 Natasha Mundell (Gyllngvase SLSC)
3 Rosie Tonkin (Mounts Bay Harriers)
Male 20-39
1 Pete Le Grice (Mounts Bay Harriers)
2 Kyle Kearey (Mounts Bay Harriers)
3 Jonas Gummesson (Newquay Triathletes)
Female 20-39
1 Melissa Reid (Gyllyngvase SLSC)
2 Becky Walters (Gyllyngvase SLSC)
3 Sacha Hoskin (Mounts Bay Harriers)
Male 40+
1 Allan Reid (Gyllyngvase SLSC)
2 Andrew Smith (One and All Cycling)
3 Julian Wills (Mounts Bay Harriers)
Female 40+
1 Sasha Osborne
2 Kathryn Osborn (Tri Logic)
3 Michaela Holley (Tri Logic)

A BIG thank you to Mounts Bay Harriers for putting on a great series of races; all designed to encourage more participation in Multi-Sports events.
[Updated Thursday 30 August 2012]
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MBH Aquathlon No' 3 - 25th July 2012

Wednesday was a warm sunny evening in Penzance and for the first time ever over 100 competitors took part in the Jubilee Pool Aquathlon!

Local Pete Le Grice’s took the win again in a time of 12.12 - that's for the 200m swim and 2 mile run! Gyllygvase SLSC's Issy Steele was first female in 14.26.

One and All's Andrew Smith was 15.11 and Matt Casey (Contador) 15.46

Well done to all who took part.
[Updated Thursday 26 July 2012]
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Stithians Lake Triathlon

The sun came out to welcome competitors for the first Olympic distance Stithians Lake triathlon which took place on Sunday 22nd July.
Near perfect weather conditions for the swim, with only a slight breeze picking up as the air warmed – a slight ripple on the lake broke up the mirrored-effect which welcomed everyone at registration at 6.30am. The 1500 metre lake swim got underway just after 8am with 4 separate waves of swimmers who went off at 10 minute intervals.
The 40k bike route was revised due to the local Council deciding to surface dress the roads around Stithians. This last minute re-routing made for a very hilly bike ride taking in Lanner Hill and all other hills around the Helston/Penryn area!
The run was also revised slightly; shortening it to about 9k and followed the footpath around the lake. Some were not prepared for the muddy cross country course making the conditions difficult in places.
The close battle for 1st male between Dave Bartlett and Neil Eddy both from Cycle-Logic saw Dave the victor with Ceri Whitmore taking third place.
Sarah Myford also of Cycle Logic was first female home with Susie Harwood a close second. Charlotte Hurst of TriZone was third female.
Another great event organised by Carrick Leisure which is sure to see another full entry next year. Well done to all involved.
Full Race Results -
[Updated Tuesday 24 July 2012]
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MBH Jubilee Pool Aquathlon Race 2

Wednesday, 27 June 2012 - saw race 2 in Mount’s Bay Harriers Jubilee Pool Aquathlon Series. A specially commissioned ‘Golowan’ themed medal was the reward for all 91 who turned up at Penzance to “Swim the triangle and Run the Prom!”
Although a relatively short race, the 200 metre swim around the outdoor pool followed by a 2 mile run along the Promenade to Newlyn and back, the events offer a good chance for some midweek race/training and to gauge your fitness. Wednesday’s cool, damp evening with little in the way of wind proved to be ideal conditions for many to get a PB. This led to some very tight racing with often only a second or 2 separating the placings.
Local triathlete, Kyle Kearey, was the overall winner in a time of 13mins 36s with another MBH member, Alice Nicholas, the 1st Female, finishing in 15mins 05s.

Age group winners:~

Male under 20
1. Thomas Wood
2. Jacob Wood
3. Max Caddy

Female under 20
1. Natasha Mundal
2. Rosie Tonkin
3. India Cooper

Male 20-39
1. Kyle Kearey
2. Jonas Gummesson
3. Matthew Stone

Female 20-39
1. Alice Nicholas
2. Melissa Reid
3. Elisha Hurst

Male 40+
1. Andrew Smith
2. Jonno Gibbins
3. Alan Reid

Female 40+
1. Sasha Osborne
2. Jackie Roberts
3. Kathryn Osborn

Full results of Jubilee Pool Aquathlon - Race 2 on MBH website
There are 2 events left in the series Wednesday, 25 July 2012 – 7pm (Olympics) and Wednesday, 29 August 2012 – 7pm (Yvonne’s 50th!!)
Events are open to anyone 13 years and above as at 31 December 2012. Registration commences one hour before the start at Jubilee Pool, The Promenade, Penzance.
[Updated Monday 2 July 2012]
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Falmouth Open Water Sprint Triathlon - 17th June 2012

Gyllyngvase Beach, Falmouth was the base for Event 5 of the Cornwall Triathlon Series on Sunday 17th June. After a stormy few days, the sea had calmed down and the wind had dropped, much to the relief of the organisers; Carrick Leisure and full entry of 100 competitors. Athletes needed to be ready early for the mass start on the beach at 7.30am. Members of Gyllyngvase SLSC on their rescue boards ensured the all athletes made it around the 750m swim course safely. This was followed by a quick dash up the beach and into the car park for Transition 1.
The 17 mile cycle leg began with a loop around Castle Drive before heading out past Swanpool, along Bickland Water Road and then left at Union Corner (the start One and All’s normal Tuesday route). The country roads led to the turn around point at Mawnan- Smith and it was then the reverse back to Gyllyngvase and into T2.
The 3.2 mile run headed along Cliff Road, anti-clockwise around Castle Drive, finishing in Queen Mary Gardens. Presentations were held at Princess Pavilion.
The race was won by Martin Lawless who managed to pass Newquay Triathlete’s Steve Marks just before the finish line in a time of 1h 23mins. First Female was Hannah Cary – 1h 40mins 43secs. One and All’s Andy Smith finished in 6th Place overall but was awarded a 2min penalty by the motorcycle referee for cutting a right turn. This meant he ended up in 11th place - 5th in cat.
Karen Edmond from Carrick Leisure and her team of helpers, volunteers and staff all did a great job. It is hoped that the success of this year’s event will allow the entry limit to be increased for next year.
Full Results, series standings after 5 events, and more information can be found through triathlon links section.
[Updated Friday 22 June 2012]
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MBH Jubilee Pool Aquathlons 2012

Mount’s Bay Harriers organise a number of races throughout the summer known as the Jubilee Pool Aquathlon Series. They invite us to “Swim the triangle and Run the Prom!”
Approx 200 metre swim around Penzance’s solar-heated pool followed by a 2 mile run along the Promenade to Tolcarne, Newlyn and back.
The events are good fun and offer a chance for some racing prep/midweek training, Open to anyone 13 years and above as at 31 December 2012. Registration commences one hour before swim start at Jubilee Pool, The Promenade, Penzance.
Sunday, 3 June 2012 – 6pm (Queen’s Diamond Jubilee)
Wednesday, 27 June 2012 – 7pm (Golowan)
Wednesday, 25 July 2012 – 7pm (Olympics)
Wednesday, 29 August 2012 – 7pm (Yvonne’s 50th!!)

Sunday 3rd June – Race 1
The forecast was for rain but this held off until later in the evening but the air temperature was a tad cold with a lot of the competitors showing goose bumps before they got in for the swim. 77 completed the event.
No surprise with the winner, Pete Le Grice of Mounts Bay Harriers, finishing in an amazing 12.43 – that’s for a 200 metre swim and 2 mile run!! Second was 17-year-old Josh Carnell of Kelly College in 13.36 with MBH’s Kyle Kearey in third place just under 20 seconds behind.
For the females, 16-year-old Isabel Steele finished one second ahead of Alice Nicholas of Mounts Bay Harriers in a time of 15.18. Third placed lady was 13-year-old India Cooper in 16.27 with Melissa Reid finishing just behind in 16.30.
The under 20s put in some brilliant results – both male and female. It was a really family affair with brothers, sisters, Mums and Dads all taking part. Lucky dip prizes were awarded to age group winners as follows:

Male under 20
1. Josh Carnell
2. Jacob Wood
3. Oakley Carnell
Female under 20
1. Isabel Steel
2. India Cooper
3. Vicky Burlingham
Male 20-39
1. Pete le Grice
2. Kyle Kearey
3. Nobert Szekeres
Female 20-39
1. Alice Nicholas
2. Melissa Reid
3. Claire Hudson
Male 40+
1. Andrew Smith
2. Ben Hoadley
3. Gary Bullen
Female 40+
1. Sasha Osborne
2. Michaela Holley
3. Kathryn Osborn
[Updated Thursday 7 June 2012]
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Helston Triathlon 27th May 2012 – Event 4 in the Cornwall Triathlon Series

Helston Leisure Centre once again played host to the ever popular, pool based, Helston Sprint Triathlon. Athletes from all over Cornwall and beyond congregated for another of the Cornwall Triathlon Series events by Carrick Leisure, this time in partnership with local club Tri-Logic. Again competitors would face 400 meters in the pool, followed by 16 miles on the bike and a 3.5 mile Run.
Cycle Logic’s Neil Eddy won the event in 1hour 5mins 42 secs. Anne Maskell also of Cycle Logic won the women’s event in a time of 1hour 20mins 44secs.
One and All cycling’s Andrew Smith finished 7th overall and 3rd in his category in a time of 1hour 11mins 13secs.
At recent events, Carrick Leisure experienced some technical issues with their new chip timing system. They have apologised for this and assured the problem between the timing system and the race results software has now been resolved. However, due to incorrect information being recorded previously, they will be enforcing a no late entries policy from now for all of the events that are managed by Carrick Leisure Ltd.
Thoughts are now firmly focussed on the next event in the series - The Falmouth Triathlon (Open Water - Sprint Distance) on 17th June. This event is now FULL.
More information and to enter other events are now available at:
Series standings after 4 events can be found at SeriesStandings.pdf
[Updated Thursday 7 June 2012]
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Liskeard Triathlon 13th May - Event 2 in the Cornwall Triathlon Series

Summer sun greeted the 150 athletes at Lux Park Leisure Centre for the inaugural Liskeard Triathlon hosted by Carrick Leisure. In its debut year, this event proved popular with a full field anticipating a quick and challenging course. The 16 lengths of the pool would be followed by a 11.5 mile sporting bike leg, climbing over 11000 feet, around beautiful rural moorland to the north east. Another quick transition back at Lux Park, being cheered on by the enthusiastic supporters and spectators, would be needed before heading out of town again for the fairly flat 5k Run.
Team Cycle Logic dominated the results with David Bartlett winning in a total time of 52mins 56secs; Michael Birchmore was 2nd and Neil Eddy 3rd. Anne Maskell also of Cycle Logic won the women’s event in a time of 67mins 07secs.
Andrew Smith from One and All cycling finished a credible 10th overall in a time of 62mins 12secs but more importantly 3rd in the male over 40’s category gaining valuable points for the Series.
[Updated Thursday 7 June 2012]
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Mounts Bay Harriers Sprint Triathlon Sunday 8th April

Easter Sunday saw the 1st event in the exciting new Cornwall Triathlon Series 2012 with Mounts Bay Harriers’ Penzance Sprint Distance Triathlon. Despite the threat of heavy showers, cold wind and fog, the weather proved kind for the 120 competitors from all over the County and beyond.
The event started with a 400 metre pool swim at the Penzance Leisure Centre followed by a short run up the stony track and into the transition area. The scenic 15.5 mile cycle route headed out on fairly quiet main roads towards St.Just before passing Land’s End Airport and looping back to Penzance. There were some gruelling up hills, but also a few tantalising steep down hills to reward the braver athletes. A fast 2nd transition was required back at the Sports Centre to then go out on the 4 mile run loop around the pretty rural lanes and tracks for this final stage of the race. Mounts Bay Harriers once again organised and marshalled what proved to be a very slick and professionally run event.
The overall race winner was Neil Eddy from Cyclelogic with a staggering overall time of 1:15:25 and the first lady home was Lisa Crawford with a time of 1:37:39. Andy Smith – One and All Cycling’s only representative, was very pleased with his 6th place time of 1:21:04 coming in third in the hotly contested 40-49 Category.
This was the first race of The Cornwall Triathlon Series 2012, but this also being the debut year of this exciting venture organised by Carrick Leisure Community Leisure Service in partnership with Triathlon England. It consists of 10 events throughout Cornwall over the race season. The swim/bike/run races are of varying length and involve either pool, lake or sea swims. More information can be obtained online through the Cornwall Council website or by entering Cornwall Triathlon Series in the usual online search engines. Please note: It is already proving to be a great success and limited spaces are being snapped up quick!
2012 looks set to be a fantastic year for Triathlon in Cornwall so if you are not yet signed up to Triathlon England save yourself £11 and join now - One and All Cycling are an affiliated club.
[Updated Monday 9 April 2012]
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