Introduction to Time Trialling

The simplest and cheapest form of bike racing. Riders are started at 1 minute intervals and timed individually over a set course. Obviously the fastest rider wins. Courses are usually 10, 25 or 50 miles in the south west, using flat or gently rolling terrain. Hilly races over other distances are described as sporting courses.
Courses are signed and marshalled, but you are expected to conform to the usual traffic laws, giving way if necessary at junctions and round-a-bouts. If you are caught by a faster rider during the race you are not allowed to draft behind them and be pulled along in their slipstream. You must allow a gap of 30-50 metres so as not to gain an unfair advantage.
To take part in a time trial you must be a paid-up member of a club affiliated to Cycling Time Trials (CTT), the national governing body.
There are 2 types of TT race:
Club races, where you enter on the day at a typical cost of £3 or £4. You need to arrive at least 30 minutes before the advertised start time to pay your fee, sign on, collect your number, warm-up and get to the start. Numbers and start times are allocated in signing on order. So, if an evening race is advertised as starting at 7.00pm and you are the 5th rider to sign on, you will be allocated number 5 and start at 7.05pm. When all the riders have finished the timekeeper will bring the results sheet back to the signing on area for you to look at. The calender of club races is distributed locally, and usually available from February.
Open races, where you must enter in advance (11 days if no closing date is advertised) on a CTT entry form at a typical cost of £8. Make sure that you write your home address, telephone number and email address clearly, otherwise you might not receive your start sheet and results. You will be sent a start sheet in the week before the race, giving you full details of the course, prizes and event HQ, as well as start times and numbers of all competitors. The riders will be allocated numbers according to a seeding system, which will ensure that the fastest riders are not starting close to each other. For this reason it is important to put accurate details of your previous best performances on you entry form. After the race provisional results are displayed at the HQ, where race numbers are collected, refreshments provided and the prizes are presented. The organiser will send you a copy of the final results within a few days. The calender of open races is compiled nationally by CTT. They produce a handbook each year that you can purchase for about £9 and publish the details on their website.
If you are not familiar with the local courses and signing on/car parking areas, then you need to consult your more experienced club members, or better still, get them to ride around the courses with you earlier in the year.

Important - GHS SW Time Trial Championships 2015

Can those juniors and their parents please note that entries should be submitted well before the closing date of 23rd June! To be eligible you have to be at least 12 on 4th of July and under 17 on 31st August. Also it would be useful if you could also let people know that there will be a supporting Open 10 miles TT for adults. Details in the CTT handbook or website.

The basic details for each event are:-

Start time 14.00 hours
HQ is Chudleigh Knighton Village Hall
Course is all on the B3192 – quiet and with fantastic scenery as you ride beside the river Teign for most of the route.
The start is at the junction of the B3192 and the road to Cannonteign Falls
The turn is before the hump backed bridge and at the road on the left that leads to Bridford – similar to a “U” turn
The finish is level with a gateway some 100 yards before the entrance to GM Coachworks.
No riding on the course once the race had commenced.

Note: entry forms and parental consent forms can be downloaded from this site in Word or PDF format - select 'Information', then 'Downloads' from the menu.
[Updated Monday 25 May 2015]
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GHS South West Championships 2015

Details from Ken Robertson

Please see below details of the course for the GHS 10, the SW 10 mile championships for the younger riders, which will have run after it an Open 10 mile TT on 4th July. The HQ is the Village Hall, Chudleigh Knighton. It is a 3 mile warm up to the start. The course is a very quiet single carriageway road not unlike the Tresillian Valley course. The turn is more or less a U-turn so some pre-event practice is a good idea.

Please can you circulate to your members who can qualify for the final. They have to be under 17 on 31st August of this year. The final is on Saturday 12th September with the HQ at Ware in Hertfordshire.

Start on the B3212 at the junction that leads to Cannnteign House and Falls.
Proceed Northwards past Ashton and Bridford Mills to turn left at the junction that leads to Bridford and is just before the narrow humpbacked bridge. Immediately go right and right again to leave the lane (M2)
Retrace the outward route on the B3212 and continue past the start point
Finish in level with a gateway on the left hand side of the road and some 200 yards before the entrance to GM Coachworks.
[Updated Friday 27 March 2015]
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One and All Open 3-up Team Time Trial Saturday 30th August

This One and All promotion is also the Cornish Cup team championships race. It is being held at the more civilised time of 2.00pm on a Saturday in the Ladock Valley. 3 marshals and a refreshments server are needed for the race to go ahead. Offers of help would be gratefully received.
[Updated Saturday 2 August 2014]
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One and All Time Trials 2015

I know that this year's races are far from over, but I will shortly have to submit proposals for races next year. Whilst I am happy to continue with the overall organisation of One and All's time trials, I do need a commitment for someone to organise marshals for races next season.
At the 50 miles time trial I organised in June, there were 2 One and All helpers as opposed to 7 helpers from other clubs. This follows a similar experience in 2012. I am reluctant to continue on this basis.
If anyone is willing to take on the responsibilty for organising the marshals and helpers for one or more races next year, then I would be most grateful if you would contact me within the next 2 weeks, so that we can discuss suitable dates. The SW committee meeting to finalise next year's fixtures is on Sunday 31st August, but I will have to submit dates at least a couple of weeks in advance of that meeting.
[Updated Saturday 2 August 2014]
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One and All Open 3-up Team Time Trials Saturday 30th August

Next One and All Cycling Open Time Trial:

Saturday 30th August at 14:00 on S6 course Ladock Valley

Cornish Cup Team Championships 2014

15 miles 3-up Team Time Trial Senior Men and Women

10 miles 3-up Team Time Trial Junior Men and Women

Prizes: 1st, 2nd and 3rd Senior Men’s ‘A’ Teams; 1st Women’s Team; 1st Junior Men’s Team, 1st Junior Women’s Team
(Exact distribution of prizes to be adjusted according to number of entries in each category)
[Updated Monday 2 June 2014]
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One and All Open 50 Miles Time Trial Sunday 1st June Results

Open 50 Miles Time Trial Results

Sunday 1st June 2014 at 07.00

Course S100/25

Promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under their rules and regulations.

Event secretary: Tony Farnell 3 Lambs Lane Falmouth TR11 2JL
Tel: 01326 312654 Mobile: 07752 183764 Email:

Timekeepers: - Mike Brewer (Plymouth CCC), Ian North (St Austell Wheelers)

Marshalls and helpers: Christina McClary ( honorary member), Allan Askham (, Ed Trezona_Phillips (, Graham Lobb (, John Fazakerley (PZW), Rod James (One & All), Dave Timms (One & All)

Event HQ: Roche Victory Hall

Pos Name Club Category Time Award
1 Andrew Perkins Mid-Devon CC M 42 01:46:30 1st Man
2 Martyn Lewis M 29 01:51:31 2nd Man
3 Tony Chapman Dream Cycling M 42 01:52:42 3rd Man
4 David Rouse North Devon Wheelers M 39 01:52:57 4th Man
5 Paul Friday M 42 01:53:26 1st Vet 40
6 Mike Hayes M 42 01:54:05
7 Tim McEvoy Newquay Velo M 35 01:54:48
8 Mark Sanders Mid-Devon CC M 55 01:54:49 1st Vet 55
9 Stuart Hall Devon & Somerset FRS CC M 49 01:55:32 1st Vet 45
10 Gavin MacDougall Tavistock Wheelers M 47 01:55:48
11 Paul Walshe City Cycle Couriers M 38 01:55:51
12 Mark Pilcher Dales Racing Team M 52 01:56:05 1st Vet 50
13 Chris Scawn Plymouth CCC M 63 01:56:13 1st Vet 60
14 Gary Fouracres St Austell Wheelers M 50 01:56:24
15 Chris Martin Yeovil CC M 47 01:56:28
16 Steve Kirby City Cycle Couriers M 43 01:57:28
17 Christopher Guest St Austell Wheelers M 41 01:57:31
18 Damian Ayling Penzance Wheelers M 44 01:57:56
19 Gary McCallum Penzance Wheelers M 40 01:58:37
20 James Wiltshire St Austell Wheelers M 31 01:58:53
21 Nick French St Austell Wheelers M 45 01:59:09
22 James McDiarmid Hammersport M 47 01:59:30
23 Andrew Ellis M 42 01:59:55
24 Tom Cox Northover Vets M 60 01:59:57
25 Ian Deakin Mid-Devon CC M 57 02:00:12
26 James Hadfield M 29 02:02:07
27 Doug Parker Sid Valley CC M 51 02:02:21
28 Chris Dominey Newquay Velo M 34 02:02:34
29 Arved Schwendel Exeter Wheelers CC M 36 02:02:59
30 Crystal Spearman Scuderia RT W 26 02:03:31 1st Woman
31 Ray Retter North Devon Wheelers M 68 02:03:31
32 Peter Maker St Austell Wheelers M 57 02:04:14
33 Mark Bird Devon & Somerset FRS CC M 44 02:05:20
34 Adrian Hennessy Dales Racing Team M 51 02:07:28
35 Daniel Young Alltrax M 37 02:08:08
36 Doug Duncan St Austell Wheelers M 57 02:09:33
37 Caroline Chesterfield Camel Valley CTC W 50 02:09:59
38 Paul Craddock St Austell Wheelers M 47 02:11:17
39 Mark Peard Plymouth CCC M 48 02:12:44
40 Rose Willis St Austell Wheelers W 39 02:16:38
41 Robert Graves Penzance Wheelers M 66 02:24:46
Rob Scott City Cycle Couriers M 26 DNF
Andrew Crawford St Austell Wheelers M 45 DNF
Alessandro Gourley Penzance Wheelers M 38 DNS apol
Allan Chapman Camel Valley CTC M 38 DNS apol
Conrad Moss Mid-Devon CC M 39 DNS apol
David Crawford St Austell Wheelers M 26 DNS
Graham Roberts Tavistock Wheelers M 39 DNS
[Updated Monday 2 June 2014]
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One and All Open 50 Miles Time Trial Sunday 1st June

We are only promoting 2 time trials this year, so help would be really appreciated for this first one. Traditionally, it's always had a really strong entry as riders try for a fast time for the South West Best All Rounder competition.
I need 6 marshals and someone to serve refreshments. The marshals are needed from 06:45am to about 10:15am and the refreshment helper from 08:45am to about 11:00am. The race is being held on the A30 across Goss Moor and the HQ is Roche Victory Hall. An early start, I know, but there's still the rest of the day to go for a ride yourself!
If you can help, please contact me as soon as possible at or 07752 183764. Your assistance would be much appreciated.
[Updated Monday 12 May 2014]
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Timekeeper's Course Coming Soon

The heart of time trialling are the volunteers as without them there would be no events for the riders. Central to that are the timekeepers. It is essential to keep adding new ones as older ones decide to retire and or some of the younger timekeepers find new interests.

An approach has been made by 2 clubs for a training course. To that end Barry Day has agreed to dust off his watch and pull out the notes used so that we can run a course in the next 6 weeks or so. The course will be in Devon (the last was in Cornwall) and close to the A38, probably on a Saturday morning. There is no charge for the course.

Would you please ask your members if any of them are willing to attend so that in the coming years we can be assured that these essential tasks are in good hands. Once you have some names please tell me who they are along with their contact details.

As with a previous message from me to SW Clubs – do not put this message into the “pending” tray so it withers and dies – action it.

Ken Robertson SWDC Secretary
[Updated Friday 28 March 2014]
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One and All Open 25 Miles Time Trial Sunday 25th August

So that's for 2013 - four open races and four club races - no more race organisation until next year. The final race scooped up a big entry of 64 riders.

A rising northerly breeze made it a harder day than it looked as though it was going to be. There was no wind at all from 06.00 to 06.45 while I was putting the signs out.

I hope you liked the latest variation of this course. Our thanks are due to Ivor Edmonds and Richard Hope for devising and measuring the new course, a necessity in view of the works entrance on the site of the original start. This will be the standard S100 course from now on.

Once again, many, many thanks to all the helpers from One and All, Tracy Hooper, Sandie Sly, Andy Smith and Dave Timms, and to the timekeepers Mike Brewer (Plymouth CCC) and Ian North (St Austell Wheelers), without their unselfishness, the race couldn’t have gone ahead. Particular thanks for collecting in signs afterwards. It saved me a tedious job.

Congratulations Andy Perkins and Sandy Gourley on their fine rides and impressive time under the less than ideal conditions conditions. Also an impressive ride from ever improving Steve Hockings-Thompson for 3rd place overall, and a PB for Ed Trezona-Phillips whilst carrying off the Vet 60 prize. Unlucky for Crystal Spearman, 1st Woman, but just missing the one hour barrier by seconds.


1 Andrew Perkins Mid-Devon CC M 42 00:52:20 1st Man
2 Alessandro Gourley Penzance Wheelers M 37 00:52:40 2nd Man
3 Steve Hockings-Thompson CS Dynamo M 47 00:54:59 1st Man Vet 40
4 Jeff Houghton M 44 00:55:03 3rd Man
5 David Rouse North Devon Wheelers M 39 00:55:06
6 Tony Chapman Dream Cycling M 41 00:55:46
7 Steve Kirby Plymouth CCC M 42 00:55:52
8 Gary Fouracres St Austell Wheelers M 49 00:56:01
9 Nick Harwood Revo Racing M 50 00:56:01 1st Man Vet 50
10= Chris Vellacott Royal Navy Royal Marines CA M 51 00:56:04
10= Andi Timothy Revo Racing M 55 00:56:04
12 Chris Martin Yeovil CC M 46 00:56:07
13 Graham Roberts Tavistock Wheelers M 38 00:56:23
14 Tim McEvoy Newquay Velo M 35 00:56:30
15 Alex McGrath Exeter Wheelers CC M 38 00:56:30
16 James McDiarmid Okehampton CC M 46 00:56:43
17 Mark Sanders Mid-Devon CC M 54 00:56:54
18 Julian Harper Exe Velo CC M 44 00:56:57
19 Harry Edney North Devon Wheelers M 19 00:57:02
20 Chris Dominey Newquay Velo M 33 00:57:05
21 Ian Deakin Mid-Devon CC M 56 00:57:14
22 Mark Hooper One & All Cycling M 46 00:57:40
23 David Bartlett M 29 00:57:52
24 Richard Brown Tavistock Wheelers M 41 00:57:57
25 Stuart Sly One & All Cycling M 51 00:57:58
26 Ed Trezona-Phillips M 0 00:57:58 1st Man Vet 60
27 Neil Minnion Plymouth Triathlon Club M 49 00:58:05
28 Peter Maker St Austell Wheelers M 56 00:58:13
29 Peter Blackshaw Penzance Wheelers M 57 00:58:43
30 Andy Lee One & All Cycling M 52 00:58:48
31 Sean Williams Wightlink/Offshore RT M 43 00:59:42
32 James Wiltshire St Austell Wheelers M 31 00:59:48
33 Doug Parker Sid Valley CC M 50 00:59:58
34 Doug Duncan St Austell Wheelers M 56 01:00:08
35 Neil Hitt Sid Valley CC M 46 01:00:10
36 Crystal Spearman North Devon Wheelers W 25 01:00:33 1st Woman
37 Michael Hooper One & All Cycling M 17 01:01:17
38 Dean Ward 1st Chard Wheelers M 28 01:01:35
39 Mark Peard Plymouth CCC M 47 01:02:04
40 Rebecca Timothy North Devon Wheelers W 46 01:02:10 1st Woman Vet
41 David Lyons 1st Card Wheelers M 64 01:02:25
42 Aiden Bradley Exeter Wheelers CC M 31 01:02:32
43 Paul Craddock St Austell Wheelers M 46 01:02:54
44 Adrian Warne St Austell Wheelers M 50 01:03:04
45 Jeremy Summers Minehead CC M 40 01:04:30
46 Brett Barber Mid-Devon CC M 50 01:04:40
47 Catherine Hilton Sid Valley CC W 40 01:04:46
48 Gary Player St Austell Wheelers M 47 01:05:17
49 Mark Gorman Royal Navy Royal Marines CA M 51 01:06:02
50 Chris Harper Royal Navy Royal Marines CA M 54 01:07:06
51 Michael Crane St Austell Wheelers M 47 01:07:32
52 Sally Edney North Devon Wheelers W 53 01:08:08
53 Steve Lawrence Cycle Sport South Hams M 66 01:09:00
54 Lisa Player St Austell Wheelers W 51 01:09:17
55 Marco Paganuzzi Tri Force M 47 01:09:57
56 Doug Ward Yeovil CC M 65 01:10:10
Damian Ayling Penzance Wheelers M 43 DNS (apol)
Allan Chapman Camel Valley CTC M 37 DNF
Rob Barrow Exeter Wheelers CC M 36 DNS (apol)
Stuart Pickering One & All Cycling M 49 DNS
John Fazakerley Penzance Wheelers M 49 DNS (apol)
Billy Oliver Dursley RC M 32 DNS (apol)
Paul Friday M 41 DNS (apol)
Rob Scott Plymouth CCC M 25 DNS (apol)
[Updated Thursday 29 August 2013]
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Help - Marshals desperately needed

I have a really good entry, over 60 riders, for our 25 miles time trial at Roche on Sunday 25th August at 8.00am, but need some marshals for the race to go ahead. Please contact me at if you can help.
[Updated Saturday 17 August 2013]
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Camel Valley Club 10 Miles Time Trial Wednesday 31st July

Well, it was all happening up the Ladock Valley last night. There was Steve Lampier, 2nd in the recent Premier Calendar Welsh GP, Chris Opie, winner in the televised Tour Series, Wendy Houvenaghel, Olympic silver medallist and world champion, Sandy Gourley, star of TV and three times winner of the Cornish Cup, and the rest of us mere mortals.
Needless to say, some scorching times were recorded. Winner Steve Lampier narrowly missed the course record of Stuart Dangerfield, multiple national TT champion, despite being held up at the turn. Chris Opie duly powered into 2nd place, with Sandy Gourley a clear 3rd and rising star Martyn Lewis close to breaking 22 minutes.
For One and All, Ian Houvenaghel was close to 22 minutes, and Jennifer Powell and Penny Colloff had a close battle for One and All female honours, with young Jamelia Powell recording a very creditable time on this tough course. I was caught for two minutes by winner Steve Lampier - I could swear there was a smile on his face as he hurtled past me - payback for all the leg-pulling over the years!
Thanks to Camel Valley for a great evening's racing; the results were up on the website later the same night thanks to Ginine.


1 S Lampier 20.32
2 C Opie 20.55
3 S Gourley 21.21
4 M Lewis 22.01
5 I Houvenaghel 22.09
6 M Parsons 22.18
7 W Houvenaghel 22.24
8 G Smith 22.39
9 T Farnell 22.51
10 A Ellis 23.14
11 J fazackerley 23.21
12 P Maker 23.39
13 M Smith 23.42
14 E T Phillips 23.44
15 S Sly 23.46
16 A Hennessey 24.18
17 D Duncan 24.24
18 D Porter 24.26
19 M Haynes 25.17
20 C Phillips 25.23
21 J Wiltshire 25.32
21 A Crawford 25.32
23 P Craddock 25.50
24 J Morse 26.10
25 A Brook 26.18
26 M Crane 26.46
27 A Chapman 27.00
28 S Titcomb 28.20
29 J Powell 28.23
30 P Colloff 28.39
31 P Scullion 29.31
32 B Pearce 30.46
33 Jamelia Powell 34.46
[Updated Thursday 1 August 2013]
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One and All Open 10 Miles Time Trial Wednesday 24th July

Lucky or what! A bit of rain during the race, but nothing like the deluge that ensued just after everyone had finished. The southerly breeze turned out to be more of a help than a handicap, and some fast times were recorded.

I hope you liked the latest variation of the course. Our thanks are due to Ivor Edmonds and Richard Hope for devising and measuring the new course, a necessity in view of the work entrance on the site of the original finish and the future opening of a new service station there.

Once again, many, many thanks to all the helpers from One and All, Vicky Ellis(marshal, refreshments), Peter Woodford, Bill Gladwell, John Trott (marshals), without their unselfishness, the race couldn’t have gone ahead.

Congratulations Sandy Gourley on his fine win and impressive time under the adverse conditions. Julian Harper and Mark Pilcher had a fine tussle for 2nd place, and relative new boy Tim McEvoy recorded an impressive time in 4th place. Margins were pretty tight from 6th to 21st, with a mere 60 seconds covering the lot! Every second really does count. Well done to One and All youngsters James Trott and Penny Colloff for scooping up prizes. Hopefully, they can both now build towards the GHS Finals in September. Well done also to Andy Lee - another fast time - he seems to be getting a real taste for time trialing.


1, Alessandro Gourley, Penzance Wheelers, M, 37, 00:20:39, 1st Man
2=, Julian Harper, Exe Velo CC, M, 44, 00:21:40, 2nd Man
2=, Mark Pilcher, Dales Racing Team, M, 51, 00:21:40, 2nd Man
4, Tim McEvoy, Newquay Velo, M, 35, 00:21:44,
5, Gavin MacDougall, Tavistock Wheelers, M, 46, 00:21:50, 1st Vet 40
6, John Fazakerley, Penzance Wheelers, M, 49, 00:22:00,
7, Chris Scawn, Plymouth CCC, M, 62, 00:22:01, 1st Vet 60
8, Mark Hooper, One & All Cycling, M, 45, 00:22:02,
9, Graham Roberts, Tavistock Wheelers, M, 38, 00:22:04,
10, James Hadfield,, M, 28, 00:22:07,
11, James Wiltshire, St Austell Wheelers, M, 30, 00:22:16,
12, Chris Dominey, Newquay Velo, M, 33, 00:22:18,
13, Graham Lobb,, M, 51, 00:22:20, 1st Vet 50
14, Darren Penn, Camel Valley CTC, M, 42, 00:22:22,
15, Andrew Crawford, St Austell Wheelers, M, 44, 00:22:23,
16, Peter Miners, Camel Valley CTC, M, 40, 00:22:24,
17, James Trott, One & All Cycling, M, 16, 00:22:35, 1st Junior
18, Andy Lee, One & All Cycling, M, 52, 00:22:38,
19, Stuart Sly, One & All Cycling, M, 50, 00:22:38,
20, Peter Maker, St Austell Wheelers, M, 56, 00:22:53,
21, Michael Hooper, One & All Cycling, M, 17, 00:22:57,
22, Peter Blackshaw, Penzance Wheelers, M, 57, 00:23:02,
23, Ed Trezona-Phillips,, M, 0, 00:23:04,
24, Nick French, St Austell Wheelers, M, 44, 00:23:05,
25, Steve Inglefield, St Austell Wheelers, M, 44, 00:23:20,
26, Adrian Hennessy, Dales Racing Team, M, 51, 00:23:20,
27, Doug Duncan, St Austell Wheelers, M, 56, 00:23:32,
28, David Timms, One & All Cycling, M, 59, 00:24:07,
29, Mark Gorman, Royal Navy Royal Marines CA, M, 51, 00:25:08,
30, Allan Chapman, Camel Valley CTC, M, 37, 00:25:54,
31, Chris Harper, Royal Navy Royal Marines CA, M, 54, 00:25:54,
32, Penny Colloff, One & All Cycling, W, 16, 00:26:59, 1st Woman
Kim Homewood, Penzance Wheelers, W, 38, DNS(apol),
Paul Craddock, St Austell Wheelers, M, 46, DNS(apol),
Gary Player, St Austell Wheelers, M, 47, DNS,
Matt Vahiboglu, Exeter Wheelers CC, M, 35, DNS(apol),
Gary James, Penzance Wheelers, M, 38, DNS(apol),
Ayse Vahiboglu, Exeter Wheelers CC, W, 32, DNS(apol),
Lisa Player, St Austell Wheelers, W, 51, DNS,
[Updated Thursday 25 July 2013]
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Truro CC Open 25 Miles Time Trial Sunday 14th July

With both the Cornish Cup and the South West Best All Rounder competitions building to a climax, another scorching hot windless morning for the second week running, saw a plethora of fast times and more PBs.
For One and All, Josie Gilbert hacked about 5 minutes from her PB, Penny Colloff also clocked a PB, as did Andy Lee with another fast ride in his second ever '25'. Stuart Sly was 11 seconds short of his PB, set the previous week. At the presentation, Penny walked away with 1st Junior prize, Josie won the 1st Women's prize, and Tony Farnell took the 1st Vets prize.


Position Name Club Time Standard
1 Andrew Perkins Mid Devon CC / Colin Lewis 0:51:24 -12:51
2 Alessandro Gourley Penzance Wheelers 0:52:13
3 Conrad Moss Mid Devon CC / Colin Lewis 0:52:49
4 Jeffrey Houghton CycleLogic 0:53:20 -11:25
5 Chris Vellacott RN RM CA 0:53:57 -15:28
6 Damian Ayling Penzance Wheelers 0:54:24 -10:51
7 Mark Pilcher Dales Racing 0:54:25 -15:00
8 Tony Farnell One And All 0:54:46 -23:21
9 Gary Fouracres St Austell Wheelers 0:54:57 -13:23
10 Graham Roberts Tavistock Wheelers 0:55:20
11 Chris Martin Yeovil CC 0:55:32 -11:13
12 Chris Scawn Plymouth Corinthians 0:55:40 -20:00
13 James Hadfield CycleLogic 0:55:44
14 Mark Hooper One And All 0:56:04 -10:11
15 Julian Harper Exe Velo CC 0:56:05 -09:40
16 John Fazakerley Penzance Wheelers 0:56:15 -12:05
17 James McDiarmid Okehampton CC 0:56:20 -10:25
18 Barry Moss RN RM CA 0:56:21 -08:24
19 Tom Moran RUTrainingtoday cc 0:56:42 -13:48
20 Andrew Crawford St Austell Wheelers 0:56:54 -08:51
21 Peter Miners Camel valley C & TC 0:57:08 -06:37
22 Andrew Lee One And All 0:57:39 -12:18
23 Ian Deakin Mid Devon CC / Colin Lewis 0:57:41 -14:29
24 Stuart Sly One And All 0:57:42 -11:43
25 Andrew Hosking CycleLogic 0:57:43 -07:02
26 Graham Lobb CycleLogic 0:57:49 -11:36
27 Chris Gostling Exeter Wheelers 0:57:54 -14:16
28 Steve Inglefield St Austell Wheelers 0:58:25 -07:20
29 Richard Brown Tavistock Wheelers 0:58:35 -05:10
30 Hari Slade Penzance Wheelers 0:58:52
31 Doug Duncan St Austell Wheelers 0:59:02 -13:08
32 Ayse Vahiboglu Exeter Wheelers 1:00:03
33 Jeremy Summers Minehead CC 1:02:14 -01:31
34 Robin Brown Camel valley C & TC 1:02:57 -09:13
35 John Beaven First Chard Wheelers 1:04:14 -07:21
36 Mark Gorman RN RM CA 1:05:03 -04:22
37 Kim Homewood Penzance Wheelers 1:05:11
38 Julian Winn Truro Cycling Club 1:05:16 +00:01
39 Alan Chapman Camel valley C & TC 1:05:52
40 Josephine Gilbert One And All 1:07:37
41 Richard Shadbolt St Austell Wheelers 1:08:15 -09:52
42 Penny Colloff One And All 1:09:34
43 Ali White Yogi CC 1:12:42 +00:32
44 Steve Hocking-Thompson CS Dynamo DNS
45 Brennan Townshend Madison Genesis DNS
46 Adrian Hennessy Dales Racing DNF
47 Aiden Bradley Exeter Wheelers DNF
48 Andrew Ellis CycleLogic DNS
[Updated Wednesday 24 July 2013]
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Camel Valley CTC Open 25 Miles Time Trial Sunday 7th July

A perfect morning for time trialing - warm, even at 7.00am, and windless, almost. Mornings like this rarely occur, perhaps once or twice a year, if we are lucky. No surprise then that there were numerous PBs as riders unleashed their frustration at weeks of cold and windy conditions.
For One and All, I think the big story of the day has got to be Andy Lee. This hitherto sportive rider has suddenly unleashed himself on the time trialing world, and in only his third race and first ever '25' he clocked the astounding debut time of 57:56! Could this be the start of a new racing career?
Also achieving PBs were Michael Hooper, who also carried away the 1st Junior prize, Stuart Sly and Tony Farnell, winner of the Vets age group award.
Next Sunday's Truro CC Open '25' on the same course, is the 7th round of the 2013 Cornish Cup. Let's hope the weather holds.

1 A Gourley Penzance Wheelers S 52.16
2 A Perkins Mid Devon CC VA 53.21
3 C Moss Mid Devon CC S 53.42
4 W Houvenaghel Bike Chain Rici LS 54.03
5 M Lewis Cycle Logic S 54.12
6 D Rouse North Devon Wheelers-Southfork S 54.16
7 P Walshe PLY TRI S 54.21
8 T Farnell One & All VC 54.23
9 S Kirby Plymouth Corinthian VA 54.26
10 I Houvenaghel One & All VA 54.33
11 G Fouracres St Austell Wheelers VA 54.39
12 M Sanders Mid Devon CC VB 54.53
13 P Friday Penzance Wheelers S 54.59
14 C Vellacott RNRMCA VB 55.24
15 S Pickering One & All / Bike Chain Rici VA 55.32
16 C Scawn Plymouth Corinthian VA 55.55
17 L Obornik CS Dynamo VA 56.05
18 S H-Thompinson CS Dynamo VA 56.05
19 J Harper EXE Velo VA 56.26
20 J Bullock Tavistock Wheelers S 56.30
21 T McEvoy Newquay Velo S 56.31
22 T Moran R U Training Today VB 56.51
23 N McCoy Revo Racing VA 56.51
24 J Hadfield Cycle Logic S 56.53
25 G Roberts Tavistock Wheelers S 57.00
26 A Hughes Exeter Tri VA 57.00
27 J Wiltshire St Austell Wheelers S 57.08
28 C Dominey Newquay Velo S 57.08
29 J McDiarmid Okehampton CC VA 57.23
30 M Hooper One & All VA 57.25
31 A Ellis Cycle Logic VA 57.30
32 S Sly One & All VB 57.31
33 A Timothy Revo Racing VB 57.37
34 A Lee One & All VB 57.56
35 G Lobb Cycle Logic VB 57.59
36 D Shipsey Truro CC VA 58.49
37 D Penn Camel Valley Cycle & Triathalon Club S 58.52
38 A Hennessy Dales RT VB 59.01
39 S Inglefield St Austell Wheelers VA 59.51
40 A Vahiboglu EXE Wheelers LS 1.01.03
41 Mike Hooper One & All JUN 1.01.10
42 D Young Altrax S 1.01.23
43 R Timothy North Devon Wheelers-Southfork LVA 1.02.57
44 R Brown Camel Valley Cycle & Triathalon Club VB 1.02.08
45 K Homewood Penzance Wheelers LS 1.06.00
46 J Bolton Camel Valley Cycle & Triathalon Club JUV 1.07.57
47 R Shadbolt St Austell Wheelers VC 1.08.56
48 S Edney North Devon Wheelers-Southfork LVB 1.09.01
49 D Ward Yeovil CC VC 1.14.36
P Craddock St Austell Wheelers S APOL
D Ayling Penzance Wheelers VA APOL
M Tandy Revo Racing VA DNS
G James Penzance Wheelers S DNS
B Pond North Devon Wheelers S DNS
[Updated Wednesday 10 July 2013]
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One and All Open 50 Miles TT - SW Championships - Sunday 23rd June

What a contrast to last year! Despite being a month later, no sun to be seen, strong winds, and distinctly chilly. Well done to everyone who started, whether you finished or not, it was not a day to relish.

First of all, many, many thanks to all the helpers, five of whom are from other clubs - timekeepers: Mike Brewer (Plymouth CCC), Ian North (St Austell Wheelers) and marshalls/refreshments: Sandy Sly(One and All), Debbie Cracknell(Trilogic), Ed Trezona_Phillips(, Graham Lobb(, Vicky Ellis(One and All), Bill Gladwell (One and All). It’s a serious contribution to help with a ‘50’ as it means a really early start and 3+ hours standing in the cold and the wind. Without your unselfishness, the race couldn’t have gone ahead.

Congratulations to Rob Scott on his fine win and impressive time under the adverse conditions. It’s good to see some younger riders getting stuck in and making year on year improvements. Also congratulations to 18 years old Josie Gilbert of One and All – her first ‘50’ in her first year of time trialing, completed in such unhelpful conditions on a road bike without the aid of aero bars. Josie’s still at college and running on a limited budget – has anyone an old pair of aero bars they can dig out of the garage and donate to her?

This year, for the Vets, I decided to swap the CTT target times for the new VTTA standards. The CTT target times take no account of the marked improvement in fitness of older riders and make it almost impossible for younger Vets to win prizes. The VTTA standard times are designed to level the playing field, and judging by today’s results seem to have made things a lot closer, although it didn’t stop two 60+ year olds scooping the top two prizes! But young Lubos Obornik did snatch 4th prize.

The team race was pretty close, only 1:41 between Plymouth CCC in 1st and Mid-Devon CC in 2nd after a combined distance of 150 miles.


1 Rob Scott PCCC 01:52:57 1st Man + 1st Team
2 Andrew Perkins MDCC 01:54:02 00:22:02 2nd Man
3 Graham Moir NDW 01:54:57 00:20:38 3rd Man
4 Martyn Lewis CL 01:55:47 4th Man
5 Alessandro Gourley PZW 01:57:15 5th Man
6 David Rouse NDW 01:59:43
7 Mark Sanders MDCC 01:59:59 00:21:50 3rd Vet
8 Tony Chapman DC 02:00:25 00:15:39
9 Lubos Obornik CSD 02:01:16 00:17:02 4th Vet
10 Lee Sanderson RNRMCA 02:01:49 00:16:29
11 Damian Ayling PZW 02:02:20 00:14:39
12 Chris Scawn PCCC 02:02:21 00:24:03 2nd Vet + 1st Team
13 Chris Vellacott RNRMCA 02:03:37 00:16:50
14 John Fazakerley PZW 02:04:22 00:15:12
15 Mark Pilcher DRT 02:04:44 00:15:43
16 Steve Kirby PCCC 02:04:50 00:11:42 1st Team
17 Tony Farnell O&A 02:05:04 00:25:18 1st Vet
18 Julian Harper EVCC 02:05:15 00:11:44
19 Arved Schwendel EW 02:06:27
20 Garry McCallum PZW 02:07:02
21 Garry James PZW 02:07:10
22 Barry Moss RNRMCA 02:07:16 00:09:16
23 Andrew Ellis CL 02:07:27 00:08:37
24 Andrew Crawford SAW 02:07:43 00:09:16
25 Ian Deakin MDCC 02:07:48 00:15:01
26 Peter Blackshaw PZW 02:08:35 00:14:46
27 Stuart Sly O&A 02:09:23 00:11:04
28 James Wiltshire SAW 02:11:18
29 Hari Slade PZW 02:11:55
30 James Scott RNRMCA 02:12:12 00:06:57
31 Steve Inglefield SAW 02:14:56 00:02:30
32 Peter Miners CVCTC 02:15:02 00:00:33
33 Ian Crocker CVCTC 02:15:40 00:02:12
34 Lisa Picton CVCTC 02:17:49 1st Woman
35 Chris Gosling EW 02:19:20 00:03:29
36 Bob Richards RNRMCA 02:19:51 00:02:28
37 Stewart Cox RNRMCA 02:21:37 -00:02:03
38 Crystal Spearman NDW 02:21:45
39 Paul Craddock SAW 02:23:05 -00:04:47
40 Kim Homewood PZW 02:31:40
41 Alan Chapman CVCTC 02:33:20
42 Josephine Gilbert O&A 02:45:25
Richard Shadbolt SAW DNS
Allan Askham CL DNF
Conrad Moss MDCC DNS apol
Dan Young ALTRX DNS apol
Darren Penn CVCTC DNS
Zoe Betteridge NDW DNF
Matt Stokeld RNRMCA DNS
Patrick Duffey PZW DNF
Ian Houvenaghel O&A DNS
Robin Brown CVCTC DNS apol
Nick Harwood RR DNS apol
James Hadfield CL DNS apol
Adrian Hennessy DRT DNF
Drummond Masterton PZW DNS apol
Rob Barrow EW DNF
[Updated Monday 24 June 2013]
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Camel Valley Club 10 Miles Time Trial Wednesday 5th June

The races are coming thick and fast now as the weather warms up and the evenings are staying lighter. The fast S103 course attracted the usual healthy entry for a lowly club race, and One and All were well represented.
Ian Houvenaghel stormed to a convincing win, closely followed by newcomer Jason McGowan. Jason, we don't know who you are. Come and introduce yourself to us at the next race.

1 I Houvenaghel 21.16
2 J McGowan 21.43
3 W Houvenaghel 21.45
4 M Parsons 21.52
5 T Farnell 21.58
6 G Smith 22.22
7 P Miners 22.22
8 G Lobb 22.27
9 J Wiltshire 22.31
10 A Crawford 22.35
11 S Sly 22.37
12 A Hennessy 22.38
13 C Dominey 22.40
14 M Smith 22.44
15 D Penn 22.49
16 P Jory 23.10
17 P Maker 23.17
18 E T Phillips 23.18
19 I Crocker 23.37
20 S Burke 23.40
21 P Chesterfield 24.02
22 R Parker 24.20
23 L Picton 24.21
24 S Boucher 24.27
25 P Craddock 24.32
26 A Currie 24.36
27 R Brown 24.38
28 L Crawford 24.42
29 R Richies 24.44
30 L Wilton 25.09
31 A Brook 25.18
32 C Chesterfield 25.30
33 L Grubb 25.47
34 A Inglefield 25.49
35 A Chapman 26.07
36 M King 26.12
37 S Gibson 26.40
38 J Bolton 26.58
39 D Kimber 26.59
40 R Shadbolt 27.15
41 D Cudmore 27.50
42 Jake Bolton 33.19
[Updated Thursday 6 June 2013]
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Cyclelogic Open 25 Miles Time Trial Sunday 2nd June

This was the 5th race in the Cornish Cup 2013. One and All's eighteen year old Josie Gilbert moved into overall 2nd in the woman's competition, and is one of only 9 riders still in line for the challenge prize for completing all nine races. Not bad in her first season of time trialing.
However, she was narrowly beaten by 37 seconds on the day by One and All junior Penny Colloff, who moved into overall 1st place in the junior women and overall 3rd place in the women's category.
The men's side of things was still somewhat depleted by unauthorised absences after adventures in the Pyrenees, although Stuart Sly was not deterred and was well under the magical hour, and Ian Houvenaghel was in the prizes in 5th place and Tony Farnell managed 1st Vet 60 and 15th overall.

1st Andrew Perkins Mid Devon CC M41 52.00 1st men
2nd Alessandro Gourley Penzance Wheelers MS 52.17 2nd men
3rd Wendy Houvenaghel Bike Chain Ricci Ltd WS 53.56 1st lady
4 Tony Chapman Dream Cycling WS 54.08 1st vet 40-49
5= Drummond Masterton MS 54.39 3rd men
5= Ian Houvenaghel One & All M43 54.39 3rd men
7 Conrad Moss Mid Devon CC MS 54.40
8 Paul Friday Penzance Wheelers M41 54.43
9= Damian Ayling Penzance Wheelers M43 54.57
9= Paul Walshe Plymouth Tri Club MS 54.57
11 Lee Sanderson RNRMCA M46 55.11
12 Mark Pilcher Dales Racing Team M51 55.41 1st vet 50-59
13 David Rouse North Devon Wheelers-Southfork MS 55.50
14 Chris Vellacott RNRMCA M51 56.09
15 Tony Farnell One & All M66 56.49 1st vet 60-69
16 Lubos Obornik CS Dynamo M45 57.04
17 Adam Gitlin Alltrax M41 57.31
18 Phil Morrish North Devon Wheelers-Southfork MS 57.34
19 Garry McCallum Penzance Wheelers MS 57.36
20 Peter Miners Camel Valley CTC MS 57.46
21 Andi Timothy Revo Racing M55 57.48
22 Harry Loader Mid Devon CC MJ 57.52
23 James McDiarmid Okehampton CC M46 57.54
24 Barry Moss RNRMCA M42 58.04
25 John Fazakerley Penzance Wheelers M49 58.05
26 Mark Sanders Mid Devon CC M54 58.08
27 James Hadfield MS 58.11
28 Andrew Crawford St Austell Wheelers M43 58.22
29 Chris Dominey Newquay Velo MS 58.25
30 Graham Lobb M51 58.39
31 Darren Penn Camel Valley CTC M42 58.42
32 Stuart Sly One & All M51 58.43
33 Peter Maker St Austell Wheelers M56 58.44
34 James Wiltshire St Austell Wheelers MS 59.04
35 Adrian Hennessey Dales Racing Team M50 59.06
36 Chris Gostling Exeter Wheelers M56 59.15
37 Hari Slade Penzance Wheelers MS 59.30
38 Ian Deakin Mid Devon CC M56 59.59
39 Edward Trezona-Phillips M66 1.0.17
40 Zoe Betteridge North Devon Wheelers-Southfork WS 1.1.09
41 Ollie Hurrell RNRMCA MS 1.1.17
42 Dean Ward 1st Chard Wheelers MS 1.1.29
43 Dan Young Alltrax MS 1.1.49
44 Robin Brown Camel Valley CTC M56 1.3.32
45 Rebecca Timothy North Devon Wheelers-Southfork W46 1.3.42 1st lady vet
46 Dominic Shipsey Truro CC M44 1.3.46
47 Kim Homewood Penzance Wheelers WS 1.4.20
48 paulCraddock St Austell Wheelers M46 1.4.35
49 John Beaven 1st Chard Wheelers M55 1.5.19
50 Alan Duane Chapman Camel Valley CTC MS 1.8.16
51 Sally Ann Edney North Devon Wheelers-Southfork W53 1.8.37
52 Richard Shadbolt St Austell Wheelers M65 1.9.54
53 Penny Colloff One & All WJ 1.11.56
54 Josephine Gilbert One & All WS 1.12.33
55 Doug Ward Yeovil CC M65 1.14.30
56 Brett Barber Mid Devon CC M50 Dns apol.
57 Richard Lee RNRMCA M43 Dns apol.
58 Chris Birch North Devon Wheelers-Southfork M50 Dns
59 Ali White Yogi W48 Dns
[Updated Thursday 6 June 2013]
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Dales RT Open 10 Miles Time Trial Saturday 25th May

This was the 4th round of the Cornish Cup 2012, so there was a good entry from One and All, despite some 'regulars' absence in the Pyrenees.
Junior Penny Colloff bagged the 3rd Women's prize and I think it was a PB on the course for her as well. Breathing down her neck was Josie Gilbert, also with a course PB, and then we had an epic tussle between the Telfer-Brunton sisters, Jennifer Powell and Sarah Phillips - well done One and All women!
Pete Jory cracked 24 minutes and Tony Farnell managed 1st Vet's prize and scooped some valuable cup points into the bargain.

1 Alessandro Gourley Penzance Wheelers S 21:30
2 Damian Ayling Penzance Wheelers V 22:41
3 Mark Pilcher Dales RT V 22:45
4 Tony Farnell One & All Cycling V 23:13
5 Andrew Crawford St Austell Wheelers V 23:22
6 John Fazakerley Penzance Wheelers V 23:24
7 David Bennett Yogi CC S 23:26
8 Peter Maker St Austell Wheelers V 23:32
9 Peter Blackshaw Penzance Wheelers V 23:34
10 Graham Lobb Cyclelogic V 23:37
111 Chris Dominey Newquay Velo S 23:38
12 Jonas Gummesson Newquay Velo S 23:42
13 Gary McCallom Penzance Wheelers S 23:49
14 Darren Penn Camel Valley C&TC V 23:51
15 Peter Jory One & All Cycling V 23:54
16 Edward Trezona-Phillips Cyclelogic V 24.08
17 Peter Miners Camel Valley C&TC S 24.11
18 Andy Maher Dales RT V 24.24
19 Adrian Hennessy Dales RT V 24.43
20 Douglas Duncan St Austell Wheelers V 24.48
21 Andy Currie Dales RT S 25.23
22 Kim Homewood Penzance Wheelers L 26.33
23 Garry Player St Austell Wheelers V 26.55
24 Chris Jose Penzance Wheelers V 27.07
25 Lisa Player St Austell Wheelers LV 28.14
26 Penny Colloff One & All Cycling LJ 28.40
27 Josephine Gilbert One & All Cycling L 28.55
28 Fiona Telfer Brunton One & All Cycling L 29.03
29 Annie Telfer Brunton One & All Cycling L 29.13
30 Sarah Phillips One & All Cycling L 30.05
31 Jennifer Powell One & All Cycling L 30.24
32 Ginine Wilce Camel Valley C&TC DNS Apologies
33 Ollie Hurrell RNRMCA DNS Apologies
34 Paul Friday Penzance Wheelers DNS Apologies
35 Garry Fouracres St Austell Wheelers DNS
36 Donald Potter Mid Devon CC DNS
37 Marilyn Mitchell St Austell Wheelers DNS
[Updated Tuesday 28 May 2013]
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Penzance Wheelers Open 19 Miles Time Trial Thursday 23rd May

Two and a bit laps of the testing Leedstown circuit on a sunny but cold and windy evening had to be endured before we couls retreat to the Methodist Hall for cakes and tea.
Yet another good win for in-form Sandy Gourley, but Steve Lampier's 2006 record of 44:15 managed to survive for another year.
'Hoops' was the first One and All rider to finish, squeezing in a last race before tackling the Pyrenees, Tony Farnell picked up 1st Vet 60 prize, and Jennifer Powell recorded a commendable time in her debut on this difficult circuit.

1 Alessandro Gourley Penzance Wheelers M/S 00:44:55
2 Martyn Lewis M/S 00:45:47
3 Matt Pullen Trizone M/S 00:46:34
4 Jeffrey Houghton 40-49 M/V 00:46:55
5 Garry James Penzance Wheelers M/S 00:47:25
6 Damian Ayling Penzance Wheelers 40-49 M/V 00:47:37
7 Mark Hooper One & All Bike Chain Ricci 40-49 M/V 00:47:46
8 Neil Eddy M/S 00:47:54
9 Tony Farnell One & All Bike Chain Ricci 60+ M/V 00:48:17
10 John Fazakerley Penzance Wheelers 40-49 M/V 00:49:19
11 Martin Lenny Penzance Wheelers M/S 00:49:58
12 Garry Mccallum Penzance Wheelers M/S 00:50:22
13 Peter Blackshaw Penzance Wheelers 50-59 M/V 00:50:41
14 Hari Slade Penzance Wheelers M/S 00:52:27
15 Martin Page Penzance Wheelers 40-49 M/V 00:52:54
16 Richard Goulden Penzance Wheelers 50-59 M/V 00:55:22
17 Matt Berriman Penzance Wheelers M/S 00:56:17
18 Colin Campbell Penzance Wheelers 50-59 M/V 00:56:42
19 Kim Homewood Penzance Wheelers F 00:56:42
20 Ian Matthews Mounts Bay Harriers 40-49M/V 00:58:25
21 Chris Harper RNRMCA 50-59 M/V 00:59:23
22 Rebecca Campbell Tri-Logic F 01:02:35
23 Micheal Ringwood Mounts Bay Harriers 40-49 M/V 01:05:32
24 Martina Geraghty Penzance Wheelers F 01:05:59
25 Jennifer Powell One & All F 01:06:30
26 Paul Friday Penzance Wheelers 40-49 M/V Apol
27 Chris Jose Penzance Wheelers 40-49 M/V Apol
28 James Hadfield M/S Apol
29 Graham Lobb 50-59 M/V DNS
[Updated Tuesday 28 May 2013]
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Camel Valley Open 10 Miles Time Trial Saturday 18th May

An astounding time trial debut for Andy Lee with a sub 23:45 minute ride! This lad has talent. There must be something in all this sportive training.
At last! A sunny afternoon with a hint of warmth in the air and a relatively benign cross wind compared to what we've suffered so far this year, saw some smiling faces and fastish times. From One and All, Mike Hooper bagged the top junior prize and dipped under 23 minutes for the first time this season and Tony Farnell rode to a course PB and 1st Vet 60 prize, just nosing in front of fellow Vet 60 Chris Scawn, who was South West best All-Rounder back in 1977. Also a cracking performance from newcomer Jason McGowan in 9th place.
At the sharp end, Blake Pond just missed a sub 20 ride and former Olympic swimmer Robin Brew snatched 4th place.

l Blake Pond North Devon Wheelers 20.08
2 Graham Moir North Devon Wheelers 20.38
3 Martyn Lewis Cycle Logic 20.53
4 Robin Brew Tavistock Wheelers 21.37
5 Tony Farnell One & All 21.50
6 Julian Harper Exe Velo Wheelers 21.52
7 David Rouse North Devon Wheelers 21.55
8 Chris Scawn Plymouth Corinthian 21.58
9 Jason McGowan One & All 22.00
10 Lubos Orbinik Dynamo 22.05
11 Mark Hooper One & All 22.08
12 Peter Blackshaw Penzance Wheelers 22.23
13 Graham Lobb Cycle Logic 22.25
14 James Wiltshire St Austell Wheeler 22.30
15 Andrew Timothy Revo Racing 22.32
16 Darren Penn Camel Valley cycle & TC 22.38
17 Stuart Sly One & All 22.43
18 James Hadfield North Devon Wheelers 22.50
19 Andrew Elis cycle Logic 22.50
20 Michael Hooper One & All 22.59
21 Chris Dominey Newquay Velo 23.06
22 Peter Jory One & All 23.10
23 Edward Trezon-Philips Cycle Logic 23.11
24 Andrew Hoskin Cycle Logic 23.14
25 Adrian Hennesy Dales RT 23.32
26 Arthur Burke Camel Valley cycle & TC 23.37
27 Andrew Lee One & All 23.45
28 Zoe Betteridge North Devon Wheelers 23.53
29 Dan Young All Trax 23.53
30 Scott Burke Camel Valley Cycle & TC 23.59
31 Robin Brown Camel Valley cycle & TC 24.07
32 Lisa Crawford Camel Valley cycle & TC 24.39
33 Rebecca Timothy North Devon Wheelers 24.43
34 Andrew Brook Camel Valley cycle & TC 24.44
35 Kim Homewood Penzance Wheelers 25.05
36 John Beaven 1st Chard Wheelers 25.11
37 Paul Craddock St Austell Wheelers 25.17
38 Steve Cuddy Camel Valley cycle & TC 25.20
39 Ginine Wilce Camel Valley cycle & TC 25.30
40 Lewis Wilton Camel Valley cycle & TC 25.30
41 David Barclay Gravesend 25.45
42 Sally Edney North Devon Wheelers 26.45
43 James Bolton Camel Valley cycle & TC 26.57
44 Ali White Yogi 27.04
45 Alan Chapman Camel Valley cycle & TC 27.24
46 Lynn Marris Plymouth Corinthian 27.33
47 Doug Ward Yeovil CC 28.42
48 Colin Davey Camel Valley cycle & TC 31.29
Dave Timms One & All APOLS
Brennan Townshend Madison Genesis DNS
Jake Keat Plymouth Corinthain DNS
[Updated Saturday 18 May 2013]
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Newquay Velo Open 10 Miles Time Trial Sunday 12th May

A good turn-out for Newquay Velo's first ever time trial promotion, and very good it was too. Thanks very much to The Velo members involved in the event, which was also the 3rd round of the 2013 Cornish Cup.
A strong cold south westerly wind, not to mention the drizzle, saw riders struggling down to the turn, and then being blown back up the hill to the finish. I estimate that it added about a minute and a half to times recorded.Despite this, Penny Colloff recorded a PB and won the 1st Junior Women's prize. Mike Hooper was first Men's Junior and Tony Farnell 1st Vet 60.

1 Blake Pond NDW 21:22
2 Allessendro Gourly PZW 21:42
3 Graham Moir NDW 21:52
4 Paul Friday PZW 22:41
5 Wendy Houvenghal Ricci Bike Chain 22:54
6 Jeffry Houghton Cycle Logic 22:56
7 Damien Ayling PZW 22:59
8 Mark Hooper One& All 23:09
9 Tom Morran R U Training 23:14
10 Julian Harper Exeter Wheelers 23:20
11 Garry James PZW 23:27
12= Tony Farnell One and All 23:29
12= Mark Pilcher Dales RT 23:29
14 Drummond Masterton Cycle Logic 23:30
15 Lubos Obornik C S Dynamo 23:39
16 Andrew Crawford S A W 23:50
17 Ian Houvenghal One and All 23:52
18 John Fazakerley P Z W 24;06
19 Gary McCallum P Z W 24:11
20 Andrew Smith One & All 24:18
21 Stuart Sly One & All 24:19
22 James Wiltshire SAW 24:28
23 James Hadfield Cycle Logic 24:29
24 Chris Vellacott Royal Navy 24:33
25 Peter Miner CVCTC 24:40
26 Michael Hooper One & All 24:49
27 Jonas Gummesson Newquay Velo 24:52
28 Chris Goslling Exeter Wheelers 24:52
29 Tristan Harris PZW 25:01
30 Harri Slade P Z W 25:14
31 Adrian Hennessy Dales RT 25:20
32 Ian Cocker CVCTC 25:29
33= E Trezona- Phillips Cycle Logic 25:34
33= Douglas Duncan SAW 25:34
35 Terence Leonard St Budeaux CC 25:58
36 Lisa Picton CVCTC 26:00
37 Jeremy Summers Minehead CC 26:19
38 John Beaven 1st Chard Wheelers 27:07
39 Paul Craddock SAW 27:17
40 Andrew Brook Newquay Velo 27:45
41 Kim Homewood PZW 27:51
42 Garry Player SAW 28:03
43 Ginine WIlce CVCTC 28:17
44 Lisa Player SAW 28:58
45 Mel King Newquay Velo 29:01
46 Cath Newton Newquay Velo 29:06
47 Penny Colloff One & All 29:22
48 Lynn Marris Ply Corinthians 30:29
49 Sara Phillips One & All 30:41
50 Donald Potter MDCC 30:55
51 Josephine Gilbert O&A 31:28
52 Doug Ward Yeovil CC 31:45
Marilyn Mitchell SAW DNS apols
Alan Chapman CVCTC DNS apols
Robin Brown CVCTC DNS apols
Andrew Biss PZW DNS apols
Rachael Tyers Newquay Velo DNS apols
Peter Jory O&A DNS
S Hocking-Thompson CS Dynamo DNS
M Connet Newquay Velo DNS
F Telfer-Bunton O&A DNS
Andrew Perkins MDCC DNS
[Updated Tuesday 14 May 2013]
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Camel Valley Club 10 Miles Time Trial Wednesday 8th May

Once again, strong winds on Goss Moor, this time from the south west, meaning lightening speeds in the Bodmin direction (I clocked 42.3mph on my computer) and a crawl coming back towards Victoria (I was down to 13mph at one stage!).

1 M Lewis 21.40
2 M Parsons 22.24
3 G James 22.33
4 T Farnell 22.35
5 A Ellis 23.04
6 J Fazackerly 23.10
7 G Smith 23.10
8 G Lobb 23.12
9 S Sly 23.26
10 M Smith 23.35
11 A Hoskin 23.56
12 T Mcvoy 24.12
13 S Burke 24.22
14 A Thompson 24.55
15 S Bray 24.56
16 D Duncon 25.14
17 A Burke 25.20
18 J Manse 25.22
19 E Trezon-Phillips 25.33
20 R Brown 25.34
21 D Timms 25.36
22 M Connet 25.49
23 L Bennsford 25.57
24 S Cuddy 26.02
25 A Brook 26.08
26 P Jory 26.14
27 R Julian 26.32
28 R C 26.38
29 P Sole 26.42
30 L Wilton 27.09
31 C Phillips 27.20
32 R Barrel 27.40
33 J Bolton 27.54
34 D Cudmore 28.46
35 G Wilce 28.50
36 S Phillips 30.05
37 S Gibson 30.17
38 B Pearce 31.46
39 P Scullon 33.31
[Updated Thursday 9 May 2013]
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Camel Valley Open 10 Miles Time Trial Saturday 27th April

A blustery cross wind made conditions tough on the A30 at Goss Moor, but did not prevent young Penny Colloff recording a PB and junior Michael Hooper dipping under the 24 minutes barrier and beating many senior riders. On the Vets front, Dave Timms also recorded a PB, Mark Hooper and Ian Houvenaghel tied for the Vet 40 prize, and Tony Farnell carried off the Vet 60 prize. A good day for One and All.

1 Blake Pond 20:14
2 Mark Lees 21:15
3 Martyn Lewis 21:45
4 Michael Parsons 22:06
5 Guy de Selincourt 22:15
6 Tony Farnell O&A 22:17
8= Mark Hooper O&A 22:20
8= Ian Houvenaghel O&A 22:20
16 Stuart Sly O&A 23:22
19 Michael Hooper O&A 23:37
23 Dave Timms O&A 23:53
44 Penny Colloff O&A 29:11
46 Cara Trott O&A 29:40
[Updated Thursday 9 May 2013]
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St Austell Open 25 Miles Time Trial Sunday 5th May

I would like to personally thank my timekeepers, George Smith and Ian North, for their expertise, ALL the marshals from St Austell Wheelers and Doug Duncan for helping set up the course and for collecting all the signs. My partner Alannah for organising the kitchen on the day, and for her IT expertise & diligence. Thanks also to SAW members who also helped with supplying yummy refreshments.

Thanks to Andy Blonden for taking photos of the event. I'm hoping to get these uploaded onto the web and will email everyone with the link when this is done.

Many thanks to all riders. It was a far better day for times than our last event. I extend my apologies to Nick Tryon, whom I omitted in the prize-giving ceremony as 1st for his age category after a mix up, which was amended retrospectively. Well done to Martin Lenney who "hobbled" home with the knobbliest-knees-on-a-tandem prize. Despite his young years, he stole the prize from veteran John Fazakerley, crediting his victory to many hours of punishment on his MTB. Better luck next time, John!

If you have any feedback of the event of any kind, feel free to email me. It's always good to know what we've done well & where we can improve for the future.

Look forward to seeing you all next time…

OUR NEXT EVENT is the S104/10 on 4th August 2013

Steve Inglefield St Austell Wheelers

1 Alessandro Gourley Penzance Whlrs 53.40 37 M 1st Fastest Overall
2 Paul Walshe Plymouth Tri 55.36 37 M 2nd Fastest Overall
3 Paul Friday Penzance Whlrs 55.38 41 V 3rd Fastest Overall
4 Nick Tryon RNRMCA (Royal Navy & Marines) 55.43 42 V 1st Fastest Vet 40-49
5 Martyn Lewis Cycle Logic 56.11 28 M 1st Fastest Under 30
6 Lee Sanderson RNRMCA (Royal Navy & Marines) 56.22 46 V
7 Damian Ayling Penzance Whlrs 56.26 43 V
8 Gary Fouracres SAW 56.56 49 V
9 Andrew Waite CS Dynamo 57.08 38 M 1st Fastest Aged 30-39
10 Tony Farnell One & All 57.37 66 V 1st Fastest Vet 60-69
11 Tom Moran RU Training Today 57.57 53 V 1st Fastest Vet 50-59
12 Chris Scawn Plymouth Corinthians 58.00 62 V
13 Jeffrey Houghton Cycle Logic 58.06 42 V
14 Mark Sanders Mid Devon 59.21 53 V
15 Stuart Sly One & All 59.34 50 V Lucky Dip
16 Alan Hughes Exeter Tri 59.34 40 V
17 Peter Maker SAW 59.44 56 V
18 Shaun Keen D&C Police 1.00.00 45 V
19 Garry McCallum Penzance Whlrs 1.00.26 39 M
20 James Hadfield Cycle Logic 1.00.27 28 M
21 James Wiltshire SAW 1.00.50 30 M
22 Adrian Hennessy Dales RT 1.01.36 50 V
23 Stuart Somerville RNRMCA (Royal Navy & Marines) 1.01.39 45 V
24 Chris Gostling Exeter Whlrs 1.01.56 56 V
25 Ian Tyers D&C Police 1.04.56 48 V
26 Robin Brown Camel Valley 1.05.58 56 V
27 Jeremy Summers Minehead 1.06.12 39 M
28 Paul Craddock SAW 1.07.04 46 V
29 Kim Homewood Penzance Whlrs 1.08.25 38 F 1st Fastest Woman
30 Brandon Somerville RNRMCA (Royal Navy & Marines) 1.08.57 17 JM
31 Sandie Sly One & All 1.10.02 48 VF 2nd Fastest Woman
32 Richard Shadbolt SAW 1.12.30 65 V
33 Jackie Swift D&C Police 1.15.52 50 VF
34 Jo Church D&C Police 1.20.17 47 VF Mystery Prize (Lanterne Rouge)
John Fazakerley & Martin Lenney Penzance Whlrs Tandem 54.59 49 Knobbliest Knees
Andrew Hosking Cycle Logic DNF 42 M
Ayse Vahiboglu Exeter Whlrs DNF 31 F
Anthony Foster Mid Devon DNS 43 V
Chris Birch N Devon Whlrs - Southfork DNS 50 V
Blake Pond N Devon Whlrs - Southfork DNS 30 M
[Updated Sunday 5 May 2013]
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Truro CC Club 10 Miles Time Trial Wednesday 1st May

A bright and sunny evening saw six One and All competitors test themselves on the Ladock Valley course last night. Everyone had to battle against the chilly breeze on the way uphill to the turn, but somehow the following breeze on the way back down to the finish never quite seem to compensate - not an evening for PBs.

1 Sandy Gourley PZW 21.56
2 Martyn Lewis Cyclelogic 22.37
3 Wendy Houvenaghel Bike Chain 22.48
4 Mark Hooper One & All 23.19
5 Gary James PZW 23.23
6 Tony Farnell One & All 23.31
7 David Bartlett Cyclelogic 23.39
8 Ian Houvenaghel One & All 23.46
9 Tim McEvoy NV 23.55
10 Andrew Hosking Cyclelogic 23.58
11 Peter Maker SAW 24.05
12 Adrian Hennessey Dales 24.06
13 James Wiltshire SAW 24.12
14 Stuart Sly One & All 24.19
15 Michael Hooper One & All 24.25
16 Chris Dominey NV 24.35
17 Dave Timms One & All 24.52
18 Dave Pell 24.55
19 John Ford-Dunn 25.10
20 Doug Duncan SAW 25.16
21 Darrin Porter 25.16
22 Scott Burke CVCTC 25.29
23 Andrew Crawford SAW 25.30
24 Arthur Burke CVCTC 25.36
25 Ed Trezona-Phillips Cyclelogic 25.36
26 Stavey Bray 25.49
27 Hari Slade PZW 25.50
28 John Morse PZW 26.24
29 Shaun Gilbert TCC 26.33
30 Rob Commons 26.56
31 Chris Jose PZW 27.01
32 Ron Barrett 27.37
33 Jonathan Trudgeon SAW 27.38
34 Stewart Cox PZW 27.59
35 Ned Kelley 28.17
36 Andy Blonden SAW 28.32
37 Richard Shadbolt SAW 28.58
38 Steven Gibson SAW 29.05
39 Grant Williams TCC 29.24
40 Paddy Scullion SAW 32.08
41 Grant Williams TCC 32.24
42 Paddy Scullion TCC 34.59
John Fazakerley & Martin Lenney PZW (tandem) 22:06
[Updated Thursday 2 May 2013]
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One and All Open 3-up Team Time Trial Wednesday 29th May

Wednesday 29th May at 19.00
Course: S6 Start and finish same as 10, turn at Kingsley Village, Fraddon
Race HQ: Probus Primary School
Cornish Cup Team Competition: presentation on the night, medals for 1st Men's Team, 1st Women's Team, 1st Junior (U18) team
Prizes: 1st Club Men's A Team, 1st Club Men's B Team, 1st Club Men's C Team, 1st Club Women's Team, 1st Club Men's Junior (U18) team, 1st Club Women's Junior (U18) Team - there may be further prizes if number of entries is high
Composite team with riders from different clubs can enter, but will not qualify for prizes
Entries: £24 per team with signed and completed CTT entry form required from each team member - you may send these individually each with a cheque for £8
Closing date for entries: Thursday 23rd May
This is an advanced warning so that you can start sorting out your teams and getting in some practice. Team time trials are great fun and great training for testers and road racers.
[Updated Friday 26 April 2013]
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Camel Valley Club 10 Miles Time Trial Wednesday 24th April

At last, a calm evening with relatively mild temperatures up the Ladock Valley yesterday evening. Sandy Gourley absolutely thrashed everyone else with a course PB for him into the bargain. A good turn out by One and All, with a new PB for Dave Timms, who's now breathing down Pete Jory's neck. Juniors Duncan Heywood and James Round did really well on their road bikes. Use your TT bikes in future, lads, it's still good road race training and it will make you more competitive with the regular testers.


1 S Gourley 21.27
2 W Houhvenagel 22.33
3 D Ayling 22.44
4 I Houhvenagel 22.57
5 G James 23.02
6 T Farnell One and All 23.15
7 M Lewis 23.27
8 J Fazackerly 23.40
9 S Sly One and All 23.48
10 D Watts 23.55
11 I Crocker 23.58
12 P Maker 24.01
13 G McCullan 24.05
14 P Jory One and All 24.07
15 D Timms One and All 24.20
16 A Hennessy 24.25
17 D Heywood One and All 24.28
18 D porter 24.50
19 L Picton 24.50
20 S Burke 24.59
21 J Round One and All 25.03
22 M Woods 25.11
23 A Burke 25.12
24 A Crawford 25.20
25 D Duncan 25.28
26 S Bray 25.31
27 M connett 25.45
28 J Wiltshire 25.47
29 R Lee 25.59
30 J Marse 26.05
31 R Common 26.32
32 L Wilton 26.40
33 G Wilce 26.52
34 P Craddock 26.56
35 S Smith 27.21
36 A Maskell 27.21
37 C Fearnley 27.39
38 A Chapman 28.02
39 J Bolton 28.08
40 D Cudmore 28.19
41 A Blondon 28.25
42 R Shadbolt 28.50
43 A White 28.50
44 S Gibson 28.56
45 M Harrison One and All 29.08
46 B Pearce 31.15
47 Mitchel 33.50
[Updated Thursday 25 April 2013]
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St Austell Club 10 Miles Time Trial Wednesday 17th April

Gales and cold again, but a great win for Stuart - his first time trial victory.


1 – STUART SLY – 25M 23S – OAA CC
2 – DOUG DUNCAN – 26M 51S – SAW
5 – STEVE GIBSON – 32M 28S – SAW
[Updated Thursday 25 April 2013]
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St Austell Open 25 Miles Time Trial Sunday 7th April

Gale force winds and cold yet again! What more can one say?


1 Blake Pond North Devon Wheelers 52.20 30M 1st Fastest
2 Richard Oram Exeter University CC 55.49 32M 2nd Fastest
3 Andrew Perkins Mid Devon CC 56.28 41MV Fastest 40-49 Vet
4 Rob Scott Plymouth Corinthian CC 56.45 24M 3rd Fastest
5 Paul Friday Penzance Wheelers 56.54 41MV
6 Alessandro Gourley Penzance Wheelers 56.58 37M
7 Paul Walshe Plymouth Tri Club 57.40 37M
8 Julian Harper Exe Velo CC 58.54 43MV
9 Tom Moran RU Training Today 59.04 52MV Fastest 50-59 Vet
10 David Rouse North Devon Wheelers 59.16 39M
11 Steve Hocking-Thompson CS Dynamo 59.57 46MV
12 Damian Ayling Penzance Wheelers 59.58 42MV
13 Tony Farnell One and All CC 1.00.14 66MV Fastest 60-69 Vet
14 Andrew Crawford St Austell Wheelers 1.00.17 43MV
15 Mark Hooper One and All CC 1.00.49 44MV
16 Joshua Bullock Tavistock Wheelers 1.01.00 19M
17 Gary James Penzance Wheelers 1.01.14 38M
18= Chris Birch North Devon Wheelers 1.01.39 50MV
18= Stuart Sly One and All CC 1.01.39 50MV
20 Peter Miners Camel Valley CC 1.02.50 39M
21 Peter Blackshaw Penzance Wheelers 1.03.37 56MV
22= Gary McCallum Penzance Wheelers 1.03.42 39M
22= Chris Dominey Newquay Velo 1.03.42 33M
24= Chris Gostling Exeter Wheelers 1.04.55 56MV
24= Michael Hooper One and All CC 1.04.55 16MJ Fastest Junior
26 James Wiltshire St Austell Wheelers 1.04.58 30M
27 Tim McEvoy Newquay Velo 1.04.59 34M
28 Andrew Ellis 1.05.41 41MV
29 Steve Inglefield St Austell Wheelers 1.06.02 44MV
30 Lisa Picton Camel Valley CC 1.06.47 37F Fastest Lady
31 Doug Duncan St Austell Wheelers 1.07.46 56MV
32 Adrian Hennessy Dales RT 1.07.56 50MV
33 Jeremy Summers Minehead CC 1.09.14 39M
34 David Timms One and All CC 1.09.55 59MV
35 Rod Stewart Tavistock Wheelers 1.11.02 63MV
36 Kim Homewood Penzance Wheelers 1.11.48 38F
37 Dean Ward 1st Chard Wheelers 1.11.51 27M
38 Alan Chapman Camel Valley CC 1.18.45 35M
39 Michael Crane St Austell Wheelers 1.20.02 46MV
40 Richard Shadbolt St Austell Wheelers 1.20.38 65MV
41 Josephine Gilbert One and All CC 1.21.05 18FJ
Brett Barker Mid Devon CC DNS-Apologises
Matthew Grose St Austell Wheelers DNS-Apologises
John Fazakerley Penzance Wheelers DNS-Apologises
Ginine Wilce Camel Valley CC DNS-Apologises
Jeffrey Houghton DNS-Apologises
Sandie Sly One and All CC DNF
Ian Crocker Camel Valley CC DNF
Dan Young Alltrax DNF
Peter Jory One and All CC DNF
Tom Cox Northover VT DNF
Steve Kirby Plymouth Corinthian CC DNF
Richard Brown Tavistock Wheelers DNS
Marilyn Mitchell St Austell Wheelers DNS
James Hadfield DNS
Shaun Gilbert Truro CC DNS
Julian Winn Truro CC DNS
Richard Brown Tavistock Wheelers DNS
Mark Lees North Devon Wheelers DNS
Peter Miners Camel Valley CC 1.02.50 39M
[Updated Thursday 25 April 2013]
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Camel Valley Open 10 Miles Time Trial Saturday 30th March

Despite the sun and shelter from the wind , it was still thermal vest and arm and leg warmers in the Ladock Valley for this Camel valley promotion. Another emphatic victory for Blake Pond, but it was pretty tight between 5th and 14th positions - every second really does count.
One and All performances of the day were Penny Colloff who hacked 30 seconds from her PB and Dave Timms who just missed out on a top twenty finish, but established a good benchmark for future performances. Also good to see One and All women achieving parity of numbers with the men.


1 21.17 Blake Pond North Devon Wheelers Snr Fastest + Team
2 22.06 Graham Moir North Devon Whls Vet +3.53 2nd + Team
3 22.17 Mark Lees North Devon Whls Snr 3rd Team
4 22.53 Scott Tomkinson Camel Valley C & TC Snr
5 23.05 Drummond Masterton Snr
6 23.06 Conrad Moss High Wycombe CC Snr
7 23.12 Garry James Penzance Wheelers Snr
8 23.15 Damian Ayling Penzance Wheelers Vet +2.54
9 23.20 John Fazakerley Penzance Wheelers Vet +3.19
10 23.25 Tony Farnell One & All Cycling Vet +6.39 Vet on Standard
11 23.32 Martyn Lewis Snr
12 23.37 Mark Pilcher Dales Racing Team Vet +3.10
13 23.50 Peter Miners Camel Valley C & TC Snr
14 23.52 Andrew Ellis +2.12
15 24.05 Chris Scawn Plymouth Corinthians CC Vet +3.28
16 24.23 Garry McCallam Penzance Wheelers Snr
17 24.36 Piran Tedbury Cambridge University CC Snr
18 24.42 Peter Jory One & All Cycling Vet +1.22
19 24.48 Peter Blackshaw Penzance Wheelers Vet +2.20
20 25.23 Arthur Burke Camel Valley C & TC Vet +1.12
21 25.42 David Timms One & All Cycling Vet +1.41
22 25.50 Zoe Betteridge North Devon Whls Lady Fastest Lady
23 25.55 Philip Young Herts Wheelers Vet +1.50
24 25.57 Dan Young Alltrax Snr
25 26.48 Ginine Wilce Camel Valley C & TC Lvet +1.20
26 27.04 Kim Homewood Penzance Wheelers Lady
27 27.10 Lewis Wilton Camel Valley C & TC Jun Fastest Jun
28 27.20 Lisa Crawford Camel Valley C &TC Lvet +1.17
29 27.39 Andrew Biss Penzance Wheelers Vet -1.17
30 28.15 Alan Chapman Camel Valley C & TC Snr
31 29.06 Damian Cudmore Camel Valley C & TC Snr
32 29.20 Ali White Yogi CC Lvet -0.38
33 29.30 James Bolton Camel Valley C & TC Jun
34 29.55 Cara Trott One & All Cycling Lvet -1.42
35 30.06 Lynn Marris Plymouth Corinthians CC Vet -3.11
36 30.06 Penny Collof One & All Cycling LJun
37 30.06 Ollie Boucher Camel Valley C & TC Jun
38 32.44 Sarah Phillips One & All Cycling Lady
39 33.15 Christina McClary Lady
40 36.45 Marilyn Mitchell St Austell Wheelers Lvet -6.08
[Updated Sunday 31 March 2013]
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Tavistock Wheelers Open 25 Miles Hilly Time Trial Sunday 24th March

At least it was dry and the sun was shining in Tavistock, but there was a wicked icy cross wind out on the course which thoroughly justified long-sleeved thermal vest, full arm and leg warmers and winter gloves.
It's a few years since I've done this testing course, climbing up from Tavistock, over the west side of Dartmoor towards Okehampton, and back, so it seemed like a good time to revisit it and test the climbing legs. No other Cornish riders, but loads of familiar faces eager for the challenge.
As usual, the climb out of Tavistock through Mary Tavy tested the legs, the lungs and the mind, but once out on the open moor it was a struggle to keep the bike in a straight line. Then lots more ups and downs and twists and turns into the murky weather on the north side of the moor. Once around the turn, it was a speedier return to the sunshine at Tavistock and the very welcome mugs of steaming tea and cakes at HQ.
Many thanks to Tavistock Wheelers, it was a really well-organised event with lots of marshals at key side roads where traffic might be emerging into the path of racers hurtling down steep descents. Well worth the early start and journey up there, and a bit of prize money thrown in too!


1 Peter Vincent Twenty3c - Focus Sen 57.36
2 Graham Moir North Devon Wheelers V40 1.03.21
3 Steve Kirby Plymouth Corinthian V41 1.04.46
4 Paul Walshe Plymouth Tri Club Sen 1.05.05
5 Josh Bullock Tavistock Wheelers Espoir 1.05.26
6 Julian Harper Exe Velo V43 1.06.23
7= Richard Brown Tavistock Wheelers V41 1.07.41
7= Tony Farnell One and All Cycling V66 1.07.41
9 David Bennett Yogi CC Sen 1.08.22
10 Harry Edney North Devon Wheelers Espoir 1.08.25
11 Adam Gitlin Alltrax V41 1.09.00
12 Ian Cullen Mid Devon CC Sen 1.09.30
13 Tim Mitchell Tavistock Wheelers V41 1.09.39
14 Robin Brew Tavistock Wheelers V50 1.09.40
15 Phil Collings Tavistock Wheelers Sen 1.10.51
16 Ollie Hurrell RNRMCA Sen 1.11.08
17 Lee Adams Tavistock Wheelers Sen 1.11.40
18 Dan Worth Tavistock Wheelers Sen 1.11.52
19 Terry Leonard St Budeaux CC V54 1.12.35
20 Steven McCarthy Tavistock Wheelers V41 1.12.47
21 Gavin MacDougall Tavistock Wheelers V46 1.12.49
22 Chris Gostling Exeter Wheelers V55 1.13.08
23 Ben Richardson Tavistock Wheelers V45 1.13.35
24 Dan Strong Tavistock Wheelers Sen 1.13.46
25 Adrian Smart Yogi CC V45 1.14.48
26 Graham Roberts Tavistock wheelers Sen 1.15.12
27 Jeremy Summers Minehead CC Sen 1.15.14
28 Jonathan Porter Exeter Wheelers V44 1.15.19
29 James McDiarmid Okehampton CC V46 1.16.35
30 Andrew Westcott Yogi CC V44 1.16.41
31 Greg Rorke Exeter Wheelers V49 1.16.51
32 Garry Sprague Okehampton CC V43 1.18.13
33 Kevin Reynolds Tavistock Wheelers Sen 1.18.49
34 Daniel & Patrick Weston North Devon Wheelers Tandem 1.19.51
35 Will Adams Tavistock Wheelers V52 1.21.30
36 Andrew Warner Okehampton CC V62 1.27.08
37 Hannah Colston Tavistock Wheelers Lady 1.28.12
38 Pauline Warner Exeter Tri Club Lady 1.28.20
39 James Anderson Tavistock Wheelers Juv 1.31.22
40 Darren Foley Tavistock Wheelers V44 1.31.35
41 Chris Beighton Tavistock Wheelers V43 1.32.39
42 James Barrett Tavistock Wheelers Jun 1.33.58
43 Lindsay Hobbs Tavistock Wheelers Lady 1.34.53
[Updated Monday 25 March 2013]
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Penzance Wheelers Open 21 Miles Time Trial Sunday 10th March

A good entry of 51 riders for the first Cornish Cup race of the season. Thankfully the rain just about held off, and it was fortunate that the blustery wind was ushering the riders most of the way up the big climb (twice).
There were some impressive times at the top of the leaderboard and some marvellous performances by One and All juniors. Michael Hooper bagged a fine 14th place overall and 1st Junior, beating most of the senior riders in the process, James Trott managed 16th despite losing and retrieving his computer en route, while Josie Gilbert and Penny Colloff finished 40th and 41st respectively in good times on their debuts on this tough course.
At the Cornish Cup 2012 presentation One and All were well represented - Mark Hooper 5th Senior, Michael Hooper 1st Junior, Sandy Sly 2nd Woman, Ian Houvenaghel 1st Vet 40, Tony Farnell 1st Vet 60 (and 1st Vet South West Best All Rounder 2012) and Pete Jory 1st Challenge.
The next local open race that requires advance entry is the Camel Valley Open 10 Miles on Saturday 30th March at 14:00 in the Ladock Valley; race HQ is Probus Village Hall. The next Cornish Cup race, also requiring advanced entry is the St Austell Open 25 Miles on Sunday 7th April at 08:00; race HQ is Lanivet Village Hall.


1 Blake Pond North Devon Wheelers-Southfork 30 M 00:48:15
2 Mark Lees North Devon Wheelers-Southfork 33 M 00:49:41
3 Alessandro Gourley Penzance Wheelers 37 M 00:50:14
4 Rob Scott Plymouth Corinthians CC 24 M 00:50:38
5 Paul Friday Penzance Wheelers 40 M/V 00:52:22
6 Drummond Masterton 35 M 00:52:34
7 Matt Pullen Trizone 36 M 00:53:00
8 Steve Kirby Plymouth Corinthians CC 41 M/V 00:53:10
9 Julian Harper Exe Velo CC 43 M/V 00:54:12
10 Andrew Crawford St Austell Wheelers 43 M/V 00:54:29
11 John Fazakerley Penzance Wheelers 49 M/V 00:54:53
12 Mark Hooper One & All Bike Chain Ricci 45 M/V 00:54:55
13 Tony Farnell One & All Bike Chain Ricci 66 M/V 00:55:03
14 Michael Hooper One & All Bike Chain Ricci 17 M/J 00:55:04
15 Garry James Penzance Wheelers 38 M 00:55:21
16 James Trott One & All Bike Chain Ricci 16 M/J 00:55:47
17 Peter Maker St Austell Wheelers 55 M/V 00:55:54
18 Garry McCallum Penzance Wheelers 38 M 00:56:16
19 James Wiltshire St Austell Wheelers 30 M 00:56:25
20 Stuart Sly One & All Bike Chain Ricci 50 M/V 00:56:55
21 Peter Blackshaw Penzance Wheelers 56 M/V 00:57:15
22 Mark Sanders Mid Devon CC 53 M/V 00:57:17
23 Dale Reardon Penzance Wheelers 50 M/V 00:57:50
24 Peter Jory One & All Bike Chain Ricci 41 M/V 00:58:23
25 Ian Crocker Camel Valley C.T.C 45 M/V 00:58:53
26 Peter Miners Camel Valley C.T.C 39 M 00:58:53
27 Mike Hayes 40 M/V 00:59:01
28 Lisa Picton Camel Valley C.T.C 37 F 00:59:03
29 Douglas Duncan St Austell Wheelers 56 M/V 00:59:04
30 Hari Slade Penzance Wheelers 37 M 00:59:04
31 Dan Young Alltrax CC 36M 00:59:24
32 Adrian Hennessy Dales Racing Team 50 M/V 01:01:19
33 David Timms One & All Bike Chain Ricci 58 M/V 01:03:32
34 Kim Homewood Penzance Wheelers 38 F 01:04:16
35 Chris Fearnley Truro CC 60 M/V 01:04:59
36 Andrew Biss Penzance Wheelers 45 M/V 01:05:49
37 Sandie Sly One & All Bike Chain Ricci 48 F/V 01:06:49
38 Lisa Player St Austell Wheelers 51 F/V 01:07:17
39 Josephine Gilbert One & All Bike Chain Ricci 18 F/J 01:07:37
40 Andrew Ellis 42 M/V 01:07:46
41 Penny Colloff One & All Bike Chain Ricci 16 F/J 01:10:13
42 Andy Blonden St Austell Wheelers 65 M/V 01:10:20
43 Cathy Willows Lanhydrock Wheelers 48 F/V 01:10:25
44 Martina Geraghty Penzance Wheelers 43 F/V 01:11:01
45 Lynn Marris Plymouth Corinthians CC 53 M/V 01:14:59
[Updated Sunday 10 March 2013]
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Camel Valley Club 22 Miles Time Trial Sunday 3rd March

This is a great course, a hilly circuit, starting and finishing on the outskirts of Wadebridge, up the Bodmin road, left at the top of the formidable Washaway Hill, cut across country along a roller coaster road towards Camelford, and finally left again with lots of downhill, and a few bumps, back towards Wadebridge.
A freezing cold and windy day deterred many, but about 13 brave souls came out of winter hibernation, and were rewarded by tea and cakes in the Wadebridge Scout Hut afterwards.


1 Guy de Selincourt CVCTC 58:52
2 Tony Farnell O & A 59:35
[Updated Sunday 10 March 2013]
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Results of One and All Club Time Trial on Saturday 23rd February

Once again, we were blessed with dry weather for the last of the One and All winter TT series, although it was a cold morning with an even colder breeze. There was a healthy turn-out, despite several of our older juniors absent at the Springtime Pursuits road races in Devon.
Damian Ayling and Mark Hooper flexed some early season muscles, while 16 years old James Trott rode to a strong 3rd place despite limited training recently due to GCSE examinations. Especially pleasing were the 23 One and All riders out of 34 entries who took the chance to have a go at time trialling or sharpen up their winter training.
Once again, thanks to the volunteer helpers who cheerfully gave up their Saturday morning to ensure that the race could go ahead - Roger Phillips and Ben Weaver marshalling at the turn, Bill Gladwell taking photographs (coming soon), John Trott marshalling at the junction, Claudia Trott for recording numbers at the finish, Ian Wherry for pushing off, and Fiona Telfer-Brunton for signing on and start time keeping yet again. Thanks also to Sarah Colloff who turned up to help, but was released for sun bathing duties.
Thanks to everyone for supporting the races - the main time trial raqcing season starts next weekend. Remember, to ride open races you have to enter in advance, but for club races you can enter on the day. There are frequent Wednesday and Thursday evening club races on the Ladock Valley and Leedstown courses - see One and All website.


1 Damian Ayling PZW 24:00
2 Mark Hooper O&A 24:22
3 James Trott (16) O&A 24:34
4 Garry McCallum PZW 25:05
5 Stuart Sly O&A 25:24
6 James Wiltshire SAW 25:52
7 Lawrence Sullivan O&A 26:17
8 Andrew Hosking CL 26:25
9 Daniel Watts RAF 26:28
10 Callum Roberts NT 26:40
11 Peter Jory O&A 26:54
12 William Gilbert O&A 27:24
13 Tom Smith SAW 27:41
14 Dave Timms O&A 27:32
15 James Round (17) O&A 28:32
16 Michael Poole (15) O&A 28:40
17 Jonathan Mashen O&A 28:54
18 Kim Homewood PZW 29:30
19 Ben Spencer (16) O&A
20 Pete Woodford O&A 30:21
21 Steve Smith O&A 30:30
22 James Bolton (13) CVCTC 30:56
23 Ned Kelly NV 30:59
24 Mick Harrison O&A 31:08
25 josephine Gilbert (18) O&A 31:28
26 Tom Nancarrow (14) O&A 31:35
27 Penny Colloff (16) O&A 32:01
28 Jordan Watson (13) O&A 32:04
29 Angela Noble O&A 33:36
30 Bev Pearce NV 34:12
31 Yvonne Mashen O&A 36:40
32 Megan Wherry (13) O&A 38:32
33 Jordan Round (14) O&A 42:06
Trev Heath O&A DNF puncture

Private trial
Sam Medlyn O&A 36:37
Aaron Martyn O&A 36:39
[Updated Saturday 23 February 2013]
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One and All Club 5 Miles Time Trial Results

Saturday 9th February at Ladock
Another great turn-out, especially by the One and All Academy, and an impressive response from the One and All veteran Sunday morning brigade. Unfortunately, we had to delay the start by 30 minutes as a concrete lorry was blocking the road while delivery concrete for a farm track. Apologies to the 2 Newquay Velo riders who were not able to ride as a result of this. Thankfully the rain and frost stayed away, and the riders were able to enjoy a relatively mild and wind-free day, although I did hear Duncan complaining that he managed to find a headwind in bothy directions. On reflection that was probably because Luc turned the tables on him from last week and takes the series 2-1.
Many congratulations to all the juniors, many of whom have been chipping seconds from their PBs over the last 4 weeks, and even the youngest have performed creditably in relation to the senior riders.
The fourth and final race in the series is on Saturday 23rd February, again starting at 10.00am, signing on in the same place, but this time over 10 miles. Start and finish within sight of the signing on.
Finally, thanks to the volunteer helpers, Sarah Colloff and Mark Hooper marshaling at the turn, Fiona Telfer-Brunton, Ian North and Ian Wherry handling the start, Lucy Stewart and Penny Colloff helping at the finish, and Dave Timms for turning up just in case.


1 James Wiltshire SAW 12:44
2 Andy Crawford SAW 12:57
3 Callum Roberts 13:02
4 Luc Hesdon (17) OAA 13:16
5 Mike Hooper (17) OAA 13:19
6= Pete Jory OAA 13:21
6= Tom Smith SAW 13:21
8 Duncan Heywood (17) OAA 13:29
9 Chris Panther DCP 13:47
10 James Round (17) OAA 13:53
11 Lewis Wilton (15) CVCTC 13:56
12 Stuart Sly OAA 13:58
13 Trev Heath OAA 14:07
14 Michael Poole (15) OAA 14:14
15 Peter Woodford OAA 14:18
16 James Bolton (15) CVCTC 14:35
17 Paul Dickey OAA 14:43
18 Steve Smith OAA 14:49
19 Roger Phillips OAA 14:58
20 Jordan Watson (13) OAA 15:02
21 Jonny Innes (15) OAA 15:03
22 Alan Chapman CVCTC 15:06
23= Josephine Gilbert (18) OAA 15:19
23= Dan Kimber DRT 15:19
25 John Watson OAA 15:21
26 Mick Harrison OAA 15:23
27 Rod James OAA 15:40
28 Bill Gladwell OAA 16:05
29 Paul Fletcher OAA 16:09
30 Stephen Jenkinson CVCTC 16:28
31 Beth Beckett (15) OAA 16:31
32 Joshua Round (14) OAA 16:41
33 Mel Lomax (17) OAA 16:42
34 Liz Bird OAA 17:10
35 Megan Wherry (13) 17:30
36 Benedicte Bey CVCTC 18:02
37 Tyde D'Souza (12) OAA 18:26
38 Jess Beckham ((14) OAA 19:23
39 Jordan Round (14) OAA 20:01
40 Ava Keeling (12) OAA 20:13

Private trial

Sam Medlyn OAA 17:55
[Updated Saturday 9 February 2013]
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Coming Next Saturday - One and All Club 5 Miles Time Trial

Saturday 9th February at 10.00am. Signing on 09:15-09:45 in large lay-by at foot of Probus Hill, or on the right, just past Mercedes garage if comimg from Truro. Start and finish in Ladock village. Toiulets available in Ladock village hall, but no parking there as there is a jumble sale. Also no parking on the road by the start and finish for rider safety reasons.
Helpers are needed for marshalling and starting. Volunteers, please contact Tony Farnell.
[Updated Sunday 3 February 2013]
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Corrections to Results of One and All TT on Saturday 26th January

After checking the timekeepers recording sheet, I discovered that Dave Timms and Steve Smith had been awarded an elapsed time of 1 minute faster than they actually recorded. Sorry guys, but your times have now been recalculated and the results corrected on the time trials page. Several riders have now moved up one position.
[Updated Friday 1 February 2013]
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One and All Club Time Trial on Saturday 26th January

A lucky break in the weather gave us blue sky and sunshine, although it was a bit on the chilly side. Another good turn-out, despite the earlier start time.
As well as the thirteen minute barrier being broken for the first time by winner James Wiltshire, Duncan Heywood responded to his defeat last week by turning the tables on Luc Hesdon to the tune of 27 seconds - all to play for in the next race then? Previous winner Andy Crawford dropped down to 3rd place, with a time 10 seconds slower.
There were some really creditable performances by the younger riders, with Michael Poole catching the eye.
Many thanks to Fiona Telfer-Brunton, Ian North, Vicky Ellis and Andrew Hosking for helping with the signing on, start, finish and marshalling.
Next race is in 2 weeks on Saturday 9th February, start time back to 10.00am, 5 miles again, signing on 09.15-09.45am in the lay-by at foot of Probus Hill, near the Mercedes garage. Start and finish of the race will be in the same place as the last two races, so riders will be able to ride up to the start, and ride back after the finish. The toilets in Ladock Village Hall will be available, but no parking there as there is a jumble sale.


1 James Wiltshire SAW 12:51
2 Duncan Heywood (17) OAA 13:30
3 Andy Crawford SAW 13:34
4 Peter Jory OAA 13:56
5 Luc Hesdon (17) OAA 13:57
6 James Round (17) OAA 14:06
7 Dave Timms OAA 14:09
8 Peter Woodford OAA 14:28
9 Michael Poole (15) 14:36
10 Melissa King NV 14:46
11 Jonathan Mashen OAA 14:50
12= Trev Heath OAA 15:15
12= Steve Smith OAA 15:15
14 Lesley Richards NV 15:18
15 Alfie Peters (12) OAA 15:30
16 Michael Harrison OAA 15:38
17 Josephine Gilbert (18) OAA 15:39
18 Roger Phillips OAA 15:49
19 Emma Roberts SAW 16:16
20 Bev Pearce NV 16:19
21 Penny Colloff (16) OAA 16:28
22 Sarah Colloff OAA 16:38
23 Bill Gladwell OAA 16:47
24 Anne Whitney SAW 16:51
25 Melissa Blake-Lomax (17) OAA 17:20
26 George Sowerby (14) OAA 17:58
27 Tude D'Souza (12) OAA 19:03
28 Jordan Round (14) OAA 22:08
Yvonne Mashen DNF

Private trial

Toby Peters OAA 16:38
Sam Medlyn OAA 19:02
[Updated Saturday 26 January 2013]
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One and All Club 5 Miles Time Trial Saturday 26th January

CHANGE OF START TIME. First start time will now be 09.01am. Ladock Village Hall open from 08.15am. Signing on closes at 08.45am, so please be prompt. Sorry about the change, but I have to be away by 11.00am at the latest. The February races will revert to 10.00am as originally advertised.
[Updated Wednesday 16 January 2013]
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One and All Club Time Trial on Saturday 12th January 2013

Great turn out by the One and All Academy riders and coaches. The roads were wet, but the rain and wind held off during the race. Some great performances. Many thanks to those who volunteered to help with the marshalling, start and finish. It would be helpful if riders could sign on by 9.45 at the latest, as we have to go to prepare for the start at 10.00 and latecomers distract from this process.
Next race is Saturday 26th January, at Ladock Village Hall again, first rider starting at 10.01.


1 Andy Crawford SAW 13:24
2= Luc Hesdon (17) OAA 13:34
2= Pete Jory OAA 13:34
4 Duncan Heywood (17) OAA 13:55
5 Dave Timms OAA 14:04
6= Trev Heath OAA 14:33
6= Jonathan Mashen OAA 14:33
8 Michael Poole (15) OAA 14:41
9 Jordan Watson (13) OAA 15:03
10 Lee Barr OAA 15:05
11 Lewis Johnson (16) OAA 15:24
12 Thomas Atkinson OAA 15:28
13 Bob Beckett OAA 15:32
14 Roger Phillips OAA 15:36
15 Steve Smith OAA 15:43
16 Tom Nancarrow (14) OAA 15:45
17 Penny Colloff (16) OAA 15:46
18 Jonny Innes (15) OAA 15:48
19 Mick Harrison OAA 15:52
20 Josephine Gilbert (18) OAA 16:04
21 Emma Roberts SAW 16:13
22 Alfie Peters (12) OAA 16:16
23 Melissa Blake-Lomax (17) OAA 16:42
24 Stephen Jenkinson CVCTC 16:44
25 Joshua Rowe (14) OAA 17:02
26 Charles Rose OAA 17:08
27= Beth Becket (15) OAA 17:10
27= Anna Whitney SAW 17:10
29 Benedicte Bey CVCTC 17:22
30 Yvonne Mashen OAA 17:57
31 Megan Wherry (12) OAA 17:58
32 Tyde D'Souza (12) OAA 18:59
33 Jennifer Powell PZW 19:05
34 Jess Beckham (13) OAA 20:08
35 Ava Keeling (12) OAA 21:47
36 Jordan Round (14) OAA 21:52

Private trial

Toby Peters OAA 16:20
Oliver Brunnock OAA 17:25
Sam Medlyn 18:30
[Updated Saturday 12 January 2013]
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Winter Time Trials

Saturday 12th January 10.00am 5 miles Club Time Trial at Ladock Village Hall.
Saturday 26th January 10.00am 5 miles Club Time Trial at Ladock Village Hall.
Saturday 9th February 10.00am 5 miles Club Time Trial at Ladock Village Hall.
Saturday 23rd February 10.00am 10 miles Club Time Trial at Tresillian.
These races are primarily aimed at juniors and novices, although all riders are welcome, as it is a rare opportunity to race over 5 miles. For the first three races, car parking and signing on is at Ladock Village Hall. The start and finish will be in the centre of Ladock, and the course is out and back, turning at Brighton Cross round-a-bout. Entry fees will be £2 for One and All juniors, £3 for juniors from other clubs, and £4 for seniors.
ALL JUNIORS (under 18 years) MUST BRING A SIGNED CTT CONSENT FORM FROM A PARENT OR GUARDIAN (download from CTT or One and All websites). The minimum age requirement is 12 years.
[Updated Wednesday 2 January 2013]
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Penzance Wheelers Boxing Day 10 Miles Time Trial

Even though it was a wet and windy morning, twenty three riders started this traditional Christmas race, including seven from One and All, eight if you include Chris Opie.
Chris was apparently using this as a power test, and he certainly seemed to be powering along as I passed him (going in the opposite direction, I hasten to add) as I rode home. He duly won the race, while our own junior Duncan Heywood had an outstanding ride to finish 2nd of the individual riders in the race, claiming quite a few senior scalps.
Ricci and I did our usual double act as a 2-up, trying to keep the speed up and the food down, the latter more successfully than the former. Fiona and Penny completed the race as the only female team, and junior James Round managed to hang on to academy patron Steve Lampier for a handy bit of training as a mixed club pairing. Last but not least, Mick harrison battled round on his own for a creditable 12th place.

1 Chris Opie 23:57
2 Duncan Heywood 28:18
Richard Pascoe + Tony Farnell 27:37
James Round + Steve Lampier 28:00
Mick Harrison 31:16
Penny Coloff + Fiona Telfer-Brunton 34:55
[Updated Thursday 27 December 2012]
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School students and accompanying adults are invited to attend the 2012 Cornish Schools’ Cycle Time Trial Championships being hosted by Budehaven Bike Club promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under their rules and regulations .
The event will start at 8am from the Crescent Car Park, Bude (next to the Bude Canal and River Neet) with a maximum of 120 participants. The route is approximately 10 miles following an undulating coast road from Bude to Widemouth Bay then returning to Bude via the A39 turning back to Bude at Stratton. All left turns.
Riders will be divided by school year with separate categories for boys and girls. Accompanying adults associated with your junior cycle club members are also invited to race as either adult male or adult female participants.
Due to age restrictions beyond our control we can only accept entries for school year 8 up to year 13. We are disappointed about this but on a positive note it gives our school year 7’s something to aim for.
We require all entries to be made in advance, to be received no later than Wednesday 7th November. Entry fees are £5 per rider, cheques should be made payable to Budehaven Community School.
All competitors must abide by the rules of the CTT. Bikes must be road legal and in good working order, parental permission ought to be obtained, helmets are compulsory for all competitors.
All enquiries to Simon Hammond, B.B.C. email:
Please complete an entry form and return this together with full entry fees to Simon Hammond, Budehaven Community School, Valley Road, Bude, Cornwall EX23 8DQ to arrive no later than Wednesday 7th November.
Many thanks.
Simon Hammond
[Updated Friday 2 November 2012]
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Plymouth Corinthian King of the Hill Saturday 10th November

Plymouth Corinthian CC are proud to announce their new event, King of the Hill, taking place on Saturday November 10th at Cotehele House on the Devon/Cornwall border.
National Trust are our hosts for the day, providing their hospitality and an amazing 1km tarmac climb that is shut to traffic for the day.
Format – The event is a hill climb with a difference, what starts out as a standard hill climb is just the beginning. Every rider posts a time and these times are taken to give you a qualification time – you then go on to race fastest v slowest in a showdown of a dual eliminator.
Here’s the schedule:
8.00am – 10am – Rider registration on Cotehele Quay (park down at the quay side for riders only)
9.00am – Road closed and open for practice
10.00am – Timed qualification begins for all riders. Each rider to post one time.
12pm – Timed qualification ends. Kids’s races begin.
1.00pm – Dual eliminator begins, fastest v slowest first round heats.
2pm – Round 2 heats
3pm – Round 3
3.30pm – Round 4
3.45pm – Round 5
4pm – Final round and finish – last person standing is the winner!
Entry is just £7 (plus 60p booking fee), you don’t need a British Cycling Race Licence and you can race on any type of bike.
Onlone entries:
[Updated Thursday 25 October 2012]
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GHS National 10 Miles Time Trial Finals Saturday 8th September

Great rides from the One and All Youth Academy, competing against the best young riders in the country.

1 Joe Evans 21:18
10 Ricky Parsons 22:27
18 James Trott 23:06
28 Duncan Heywood 23:27
58 Stan Thompson 24:45
115 Penny Colloff 29:28
[Updated Saturday 8 September 2012]
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Exeter Wheelers Open 25 Miles Time Trial Sunday 2nd September

Only two One and All riders braved yet another pre-dawn start in search of a fast time for the SW BAR competition. Conditions were good on the A38 in South Devon, but somehow it just was not as fast as it felt it ought to be.
Despite this, both our riders improved their overall positions and the Vets prize money was gratefully received!

1 Rob Scott 53:58
5 Tony Farnell 57:04
27 Adrian Hennessey 1:02:23
[Updated Saturday 8 September 2012]
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Dales RT Club 10 Miles Time Trial Wednesday 29th August

The last mid-week time trial of the season saw a good turn-out of One and All senior and junior riders. Ladock was breezy once again, although the wind did seem to die away as the evening went on.
Bike Chain Ricci rider, Wendy Houvenaghel, back from the Olympics and preparing for the British time trial championships this weekend, showed us all a clean pair of heels. Hubby, Ian, rode into a fine 2nd place for One and All. Great performance by academy rider Duncan Heywood, who clocked 23:00 exactly and beat many senior riders.

1 Wendy Houvenaghel 22:10
2 Ian Houvenaghel 22:26
6 Tony Farnell 22:50
Duncan Heywood 23:00
Pete Jory 23:33
Adrian Hennessey 24:19
Stan Thompson 25:02
James Round 26:22
Ben Spencer 27:42
Michael Poole 28:47
Penny Colloff 30:02
[Updated Friday 31 August 2012]
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One and All Open 25 Miles Time Trial Sunday 26th August

First of all, thanks to all the One and All helpers - Rod James, Tim Scott-Ellis, Chris Bonner, Rita Cutts, David Wilson, Fiona Telfer-Brunton, Sarah Colloff, Vicky Ellis - for assisting so cheerfully, especially as the majority are not active time trial participants.
Secondly, thanks to Mike Brewer (Plymouth Corintians)and Ian North (St Austell Wheelers) for their usual efficient job on the start and finish timekeeping.
Next, thanks to all the riders who supported the race. Many were rewarded by PBs or fast times, with 39 riders going under the hour, including 17 years old Scott Burke. Well done Scott! Also, One and All's very own Pete Jory smashed his PB. Well done Pete!
Finally, thanks to the weather gods for blessing us with a fine day, sandwiched between two days of rain and wind.

1, Andrew Perkins, Mid-Devon CC, 00:52:54, 1st Man
2, Rob Scott, The Bike Cellar, 00:53:02, 2nd Man
3, Simon Beldon, Team Swift, 00:53:26, 3rd Man
4, Stuart Hall, Devon & Somerset FRS CC, 00:54:10, 1st Man Vet 40
5, Tony Chapman, Dream Cycling, 00:54:35,
6=, Alessandro Gourley, Penzance Wheelers, 00:54:49,
6=, Matt Pullen, Trizone, 00:54:49,
8, Paul Friday, Penzance Wheelers, 00:55:02,
9, David Rouse, North Devon Wheelers, 00:55:12,
10, Damian Ayling, Penzance Wheelers, 00:55:20,
11, Jeff Houghton,, 00:55:22,
12, Tony Farnell, One & All Bike Chain Ricci, 00:55:46, 1st Man Vet 60
13, Lee Sanderson, Royal Navy Royal Marines CA, 00:55:55,
14, Lubos Obornik, Revo Racing, 00:56:00,
15, Mark Pilcher, Dales Racing Team, 00:56:08, 1st Man Vet 50
16, Gary James, Penzance Wheelers, 00:56:55,
17, Joshua Bullock, Tavistock Wheelers, 00:56:57,
18, Rob Barrow, Exeter Wheelers CC, 00:57:11,
19, James Hadfield,, 00:57:16,
20, Andi Timothy, Revo Racing, 00:57:35,
21, Tom Moran, RUTrainingToday CC, 00:57:41,
22=, Chris Scawn, Plymouth CCC, 00:57:45,
22=, Chris Gosling, Exeter Wheelers CC, 00:57:45,
24, Julian Harper, Exe Velo CC, 00:57:47,
25, Peter Miners, Camel Valley CTC, 00:57:54,
26, Graham Lobb,, 00:58:09,
27, James McDiarmid, Okehampton CC, 00:58:15,
28, Gary Fouracres, St Austell Wheelers, 00:58:19,
29, Peter Blackshaw, Penzance Wheelers, 00:58:29,
30, John Fazakerley, Penzance Wheelers, 00:58:31,
31, Peter Jory, One & All Bike Chain Ricci, 00:58:33,
32, Rupert Warren, Tavistock Wheelers, 00:58:35,
33, Peter Maker, St Austell Wheelers, 00:58:43,
34, Zach Wooley, Royal Navy Royal Marines CA, 00:58:45,
35, Paul Walshe, Plymouth Triathlon Club, 00:58:46,
36, Neil Minnion, Plymouth Triathlon Club, 00:58:54,
37, Niel McCoy, Revo Racing, 00:58:57,
38, Andrew Smith, One & All Bike Chain Ricci, 00:59:07,
39, Scott Burke, Camel Valley CTC, 00:59:17,
40, Lisa Picton, Trizone, 01:01:16, 1st Woman
41, Daniel Young, Alltrax, 01:01:21,
42=, Arthur Burke, Camel Valley CTC, 01:01:23,
42=, Ian Crocker, Camel Valley CTC, 01:01:23,
44, Rebecca Timothy, Revo Racing, 01:01:24, 1st Woman Vet
45, Steve Inglefield, St Austell Wheelers, 01:01:33,
46, Doug Duncan, St Austell Wheelers, 01:02:22,
47, Rob Brown, Camel Valley CTC, 01:03:24,
48, Mark Gorman, Royal Navy Royal Marines CA, 01:04:32,
49, Steve Cuddy, Camel Valley CTC, 01:06:08,
50, Jamie Daniell, Camel Valley CTC, 01:06:26,
51, Kim Homewood, Penzance Wheelers, 01:07:09,
52, Marco Paganuzzi, Tri Force, 01:09:08,
53, Richard Shadbolt, St Austell Wheelers, 01:09:40,
54, Lisa Player, St Austell Wheelers, 01:10:49,
55, Doug Ward, Yeovil CC, 01:15:13,
56, Marilyn Mitchell, St Austell Wheelers, 01:26:05,
Gary Player, St Austell Wheelers, DNF,
Martin Lawless, Royal Navy Royal Marines CA, DNF,
Catherine Hilton, Sid Valley CC, DNS,
Ian Deakin, Mid-Devon CC, DNS,
Darren Penn, Camel Valley CTC, DNS,
Chris Dominey, Mendip CC, DNS,
[Updated Monday 27 August 2012]
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Extra Time Trial Race on Sunday 9th September

On the Sunday 9th Sept at 9am Penzance Wheelers are running a previously cancelled club TT at Leedstown. This event forms part of a PZW competition and we will not be riding on TT bikes. Having said that everyone else is welcome to ride full TT if they want.
Damian Ayling
[Updated Saturday 25 August 2012]
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St Austell Wheelers Club 10 Miles Time Trial Wednesday 22nd August

A healthy contingent from One and All signed on in the evening sunshine at Lanivet for the penultimate mid-week time trial of the season. Once again the academy were well represented.
Remembering from last week that every second counts, wrinkles were removed from skinsuits, if not from aging flesh, and aerodynamic safety pins were used to attach race numbers.
This attention to detail obviously paid off as the young Trott was dispatched by 4 whole seconds, but was threatening to return for the last mid-week race next week to get his revenge. Duncan Heywood had an excellent ride for 7th= and the other academy riders acquitted themselves creditably and completed some useful training for the upcoming GHS finals.

1 Tony Farnell 22:59
3 James Trott 23:03
7= Duncan Heywood 23:31
9 Stuart Sly 23:36
22 Sandy Sly 26:24
26 Matt Casey 31:02
27 Penny Colloff 31:14
Pete Jory + Fiona Telfer-Brunton 27:08 (2-up TTT)
[Updated Thursday 23 August 2012]
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CS Dynamo 25 Miles 4-up Team Time Trial Sunday 19th August

After an encouraging performance in the St Austell Wheelers team time trial a couple of weeks ago, the One and All team hit the road to north Devon to lock horns with all the top teams in the south west.
The course at Chumleigh was a bit like a longer version of Ladock Valley, so we felt quite at home, especially when the drizzle set in. Undeterred, we stuck to our prearranged strategy, maximising our resources, and rode into 6th place out of 15 teams.
Luckily for the team, but unluckily for my bank balance, my rear tubular blew just as we crossed the finish line. Thanks to the kindly finish official who promptly gave me a lift back to the HQ.

1 Mid-Devon CC 52:03
2 Penzance Wheelers 53:33
6 One and All Cycling 56:50
[Updated Thursday 23 August 2012]
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Camel Valley Club 10 Miles Time Trial Wednesday 15th August

A strong wind was blowing up the Ladock Valley, but the rain held off. What was it Mark Hooper said last week? Every second counts. So this week it was young academy rider James Trott that beat me by 1 second. Might have been that crease in my skinsuit, but more likely the 50 years difference in age.
Only one more race on this course this season - organised by Dales Racing Team on Wednesday 29th August. Last chance this year for some of you One and All newcomers to have a go at a time trial on this simple and largely traffic-free course.

1 Matt Pullen 22:11
3 James Trott 23:12
4 Tony Farnell 23:13
5 Pete Jory 23:30
6 Stuart Sly 23:58
21 Sandy Sly 26:38
27 Penny Colloff 30:58
[Updated Saturday 18 August 2012]
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Truro CC Club Time Trial Wednesday 8th August

It was back to the Ladock Valley course for this mid-week time trial, with favourable weather conditions. A record 57 riders managed to drag themselves away from the Olympics. One and All were well represented, and as Mark Hooper observed when viewing the results afterwards, every second counts!

1 Matt Pullen 22:12
4 Mark Hooper 22:50
5 Tony Farnell 22:51
10 Pete Jory 23:43
14 Stuart Sly 23:50
36 Sandy Sly 26:24
41 M Wood 26:52
Adrian Hennessey DNF puncture
[Updated Tuesday 14 August 2012]
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St Austell Open 25 Miles 4-up Team Time Trial Sunday 5th August

A great morning for time trialling. Scintillating speed from Penzance Wheelers for the win, but One and All stuck to their game plan and proved that the collective can out-perform the individual, which is what team time trialling is all about, as Mark Hooper, Adrian hennessey, Stuart Sly and Tony Farnell took 2nd place out of 12 teams.
One and All Youth Squad of Duncan Heywood, James Round, Michael Hooper and Luc Hesdon scored a fine 7th place and just missed beating the hour by 5 seconds. Sandy Sly bagged a 1:04:40 as part of a womens composite team.

1 Penzance Wheelers 51:30
2 One and All 55:18
7 One and All Academy 1:00:05
[Updated Sunday 5 August 2012]
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Camel Valley Club 10 Miles Time Trial Wednesday 1st August

A bit of rain and wind up the Ladock Valley, but 44 riders took starters orders. Another fine performance by Ian Houvenaghel, solid ride for Stuart Pickering, and good practice for One and All Cycling 4-up team time trail squad.

1 Matt Pullen 22:05
2 Ian Houvenaghel 22:06
5 Stuart Pickering 23:05
Mark Hooper Stuart Sly Adrian Hennessey Tony Farnell 22:06
[Updated Sunday 5 August 2012]
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Tavistock Wheelers Open 10 Miles Time Trial Wednesday 25th July

This race was originally postponed back in June on a day of wind and rain. Difficult to imagine that on Wednesday, as the sun was still hot as we waited for the start in the lay-by on the A30 near Okehampton. Only two One and All riders, but what was lacking in quantity was more than compensated for by the quality!
With an average speed of 31mph+ after 4 miles it was obviously going to be a fast night. Sure enough, Blake Pond took the honours, and the course record as well. Adrian Hennessey did a course PB and snatched 2nd Vet 40 prize, while Tony Farnell, starting a minute in front of Adrian, managed a seasonal best and best time on this course for several years as well as 1st Vet 60.
Then it was the drive home into a glorious sunset, until the fog closed in on Bodmin Moor.

1 Blake Pond 19:24
6 Tony Farnell 21:36
Adrian Hennessey 22:41
[Updated Friday 27 July 2012]
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Camel Valley Club 10 Miles Time Trial Wednesday 18th July

A sunny evening, with a strong breeze blowing the riders up the valley, saw a large field of 44 riders take starters orders. A great ride by Ian Houvenaghel, who was the only rider to break the 23 minutes barrier. This is a great course, good road surface, hardly a car in sight, simple out-and back and ideal for beginners and juniors. Where were you One and All?

1 Ian Houvenaghel 22:18
4 Tony Farnell 23:18
8 Stuart Sly 23:35
10 Pete Jory 23:50
21 Sandy Sly 26:31
38 Liz bird 29:40
[Updated Thursday 19 July 2012]
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Truro CC Open 25 Miles Time Trial Sunday 15th July

After the cancellation of last week's Camel Valley 25 because of fog, it was a relief to get a race in, particularly as the sun was shining for a change. This was the 8th and penultimate Cornish Cup race of the season, so competition was fierce as riders battled the headwind out to the turn on each lap, and again on the run in to the finish through Victoria.
Rob Scott made light of the conditions and was a convincing winner. Cornish Cup maximum points anmd 3rd overall were taken by One and All's Ian Houvenaghel, who together with Mark Hooper and Tony Farnell, took the 1st team prize. Also in the prizes were Sandy Sly, 2nd Woman, and Tony Farnell, 1st Vet.
Next race is the Camel Valley Club 10 miles time trial on the Ladock Valley course on Wednesday 18th July. Signing on at 6.30pm.

1 Rob Scott 54:37
3 Ian Hovenaghel 56:53
11 Mark Hooper 57:33
15 Tony Farnell 59:35
20 Stuart Sly 1:00:47
21 Andy Smith 1:01:07
29 Pete Jory 1:02:11
40 Sandy Sly 1:08:00
52 Liz Bird 1:18:58
[Updated Sunday 15 July 2012]
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Camel Valley Club 10 Miles Time Trial Wednesday 4th July

At last! A dry, sunny and relatively warm evening without much wind. Just in time too, because I believe that this is the last of the 10 miles time trials on this course for the current season. One and All's Ian Houvenaghel produced a stunning performance to win the race and break the 21 minute barrier.
Due to holiday traffic, the Camel Valley mid-week 10s will be switching to the S6 Ladock Valley course, starting from 18th July. This course is ideal for beginners and juniors to sample the delights of time trials.

1 Ian Houvenaghel 20:54
6 Tony Farnell 21:57
8 Stuart Sly 22:25
21 Adrian Hennessey 23:15
33 Sandy Sly 25:15
[Updated Thursday 5 July 2012]
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One and All Open 10 Miles Time Trial Wednesday 27th June

Despite the mist and damp, the wind dropped and it turned out to be a fast evening with many PBs recorded. Competition was pretty cut-throat, with 25 riders within 2 minutes of the winner, so every second counted. For me, the ride of the night was by the only Junior in the race, Michael Hooper, who knocked nearly a minute from his PB. Several other One and All riders also distinguished themselves: Ian Houvenaghel took 2nd Vet 40 prize and Stuart Sly, Adrian Hennessey, Sandy Sly and Liz Bird all achieved PBs.

When I was putting the signs out 2 hours before the start, there was some mist, but it was variable, and nowhere did it present a visibility problem that would have been a danger to riders. Early arrivals in the car park confirmed this assessment. However, later arrivals expressed some concern about the conditions. So, Ian North and I drove around the whole course and it did look to be problematic in some places, particularly from the start through Victoria, which would have been used by the alternative course as well.

At this stage I was on the point of canceling the race. However, despite the worries of one or two, other riders were keen to go ahead. After some discussion with the timekeepers, Ivor Edmonds and I drove around the course again. Visibility had clearly improved, particularly through Victoria. The mist seemed to be lifting generally. At this stage, I decided that it did not present a significant safety hazard, and that I was quite happy to ride myself. The race went ahead without incident, although, with one of my helpers not turning up, I was relegated to pushing off duties.

In these circumstances, I think that it’s important to remember that there will always be differences of opinion about weather conditions. Risk is a matter of degree, rather than black or white. No organizer is infallible. In the end, he has to make a decision, but so too do you, the rider. If you don’t feel safe, then you must not start.

Many thanks to Ivor Edmonds and Ian Gronwalt (Camel Valley CTC) and Ian North (St Austell Wheelers) for timekeeping and starting, and One and All's Tracy Hooper, Fiona Telfer-Brunton and Richard Holman for marshaling.

Next One and All Cycling Bike Chain Ricci Open Time Trial:
Sunday 26th August at 07:00 on S100 course HQ Roche Victory Hall

1, Jeff Houghton,, 21:03, 1st Man
2, Damian Ayling, Penzance Wheelers, 21:06, 2nd Man
3, Alessandro Gourley, Penzance Wheelers, 21:20, 3rd Man
4, Gary Fouracres, St Austell Wheelers, 21:22, 1st Man Vet 40
5, Ian Houvenaghel, One & All, 21:27, 2nd Man Vet 40
6, Gary James, Penzance Wheelers, 21:35
7, Graham Lobb,, 21:40, 1st Man Vet 50
8, Matt Pullen, Trizone, 21:41
9, Nick Harwood, Revo Racing, 21:46, 3rd Man Vet 40
10, Tom Moran, RUTrainingToday CC, 21:58
11, Robin Brew, Tavistock Wheelers, 21:59
12, Stuart Sly, One & All, 22:04
13, Peter Miners, Camel Valley CTC, 22:09
14, Darren Penn, Camel Valley CTC, 22:20
15, Julian Harper, Exe Velo CC, 22:24
16, Andrew Ellis,, 22:28
17, Ian Crocker, Camel Valley CTC, 22:30
18, James Hadfield,, 22:3,
19, David Bennett, Yogi Cycling, 22:33
20, Adrian Hennessy, One & All, 22:35
21, Peter Jory, One & All, 22:42
22, Zach Wooley, Royal Navy Royal Marines CA, 22:48
23, Peter Maker, St Austell Wheelers, 22:48
24, Michael Hooper, One & All, 22:57
25, John Allen, One & All, 22:58
26, Tom Parsons, Camel Valley CTC, 23:05
27, Andrew Crawford, St Austell Wheelers, 23:07
28, Stuart Pickering, One & All, 23:26
29, Chris Halls, Team Tor 2000, 23:32
30, Rupert Warren, Tavistock Wheelers, 23:32
31, Andrew Hosking,, 23:40
32, Lisa Picton, Camel Valley CTC, 24:04, 1st Woman
33, Ian Bedford, Alltrax, 24:05
34, Rob Brown, Camel Valley CTC, 24:20
35, Ginine Wilce, Camel Valley CTC, 24:42, 1st Woman Vet
36, Steve Cuddy, Camel Valley CTC, 24:42
37, Jamie Daniell, Camel Valley CTC, 25:09
38, Sandie Sly, One & All, 25:11
39, Gary Player, St Austell Wheelers, 25:45
40, Kim Homewood, Penzance Wheelers, 26:08
41, Allan Chapman, Camel Valley CTC, 26:40
42, Lisa Player, St Austell Wheelers, 26:41
43, Liz Bird, One & All, 27:55
44, Jim Montgomerie, Revo Racing, 28:58, 1st Man Vet 60
45, Beverley Pearce, Newquay Velo, 30:06
Damian Cudmore, Camel Valley CTC, DNF puncture
Jenny Shipley, Trizone, DNF puncture
Chris Jose, Penzance Wheelers, DNS apologies
Paul Friday, Penzance Wheelers, DNS apologies
Richard Brown, Tavistock Wheelers, DNS apologies
Mark Pilcher, Dales Racing Team, DNS apologies
Peter Blackshaw, Penzance Wheelers, DNS apologies
Tony Farnell, One & All, DNS pusher-off
Darren Manser, One & All, DNS
Paul Craddock, St Austell Wheelers, DNS
Caroline Chesterfield, Penzance Wheelers, DNS
Paul Chesterfield, Camel Valley CTC, DNS
[Updated Monday 2 July 2012]
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Truro CC Club 10 miles Time Trial Wednesday 30th May

30 entries last night for a warm and sunny evening, similar conditions to last Saturday. Only four O&A riders:

1 Matt Pullen Trizone 22.38
2 Ian Houvenaghel O&A 22.56
3 Graham Lobb Cyclelogic 23.22
4 Stuart Sly O&A 23.51
5 A Ellis Cyclelogic 23.53
6 D Pell Trilogic 23.54
7 Peter Jory O&A 24.02
17= Sandie Sly O&A 26.32
[Updated Thursday 31 May 2012]
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Dales RT Open 10 miles Time Trial Saturday 26th May

Seemed to be quite a fast day up the Ladock Valley, despite a blustery wind; and a bonus, the sun was nice. A strong local start list lined up for this, the sixth Cornish Cup race of the season.
One and All prize winners were Mark Hooper, 1st Vet and 4th= overall, in a new course PB, and Sandy Sly, 2nd Woman, and also a course PB. Not to be outdone, hubby Stuart also clocked a course PB, as did Liz Bird and Pete Woodford.

1= Sandy Gourley PZW 21:55
1= Rob Scott Bike Cellar 21:55
4= Mark Hooper 22:14
9= Tony Farnell 22:58
16 Andy Smith 23:29
17 Stuart Sly 23:23:48
18 Pete Jory 23:54
24 Adrian Hennessy 24:31
34 Sandy Sly 26:25
37 Pete Woodford 27:33
41 Liz Bird 29:01
[Updated Sunday 27 May 2012]
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Penzance Wheelers Club 10 miles Time Trial Thursday 24th May

A fine evening on the Leedstown circuit greeted the two One and All racers. Pete Jory rode well for 3rd place and junior James Round, in his first ever TT race finished a very creditable 12th out of 31 competitors, riding his road bike. I reckon he could be down to 24 this season with aero bars and a few more races.

1 Neil Eddy 25:00
3 Peter Jory 25:23
12 James Round 27:27
[Updated Friday 25 May 2012]
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Camel Valley Club 10 miles Time Trial wednesday 23rd May

Unbelievable. Another warm and sunny evening with little wind. Mark Hooper took full advantage of the conditions to win the race and record a PB. Not to be outdone, Adrian Hennessey also posted a PB, showing that he was fully recovered from his hiatus with errant drivers last Saturday, and narrowly holding off Stuart Sly who could not quite replicate his recent form on this course.

1 Mark Hooper 21:20
7 Tony Farnell 22:10
9 Adrian Hennessy 22:36
10 Stuart Sly 22:42
29 Sandy Sly 25:25
[Updated Thursday 24 May 2012]
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Camel Valley Open 10 miles Time Trial Saturday 19th May

At last, a warm day for racing with little wind. I'd almost forgotten what it was like. Also, very civilised racing on a Saturday afternoon instead of getting up at the crack of dawn on a Sunday.
There were some sensational performances - a sub 20 ride and new course record by Blake Pond (that's 30mph average), sub 22 ride by Ian Houvenaghel, new PB for Stuart Sly, new PB and 1st Woman for Sandy Sly, sub 23 ride by Pete Jory, and 1st Vet 60 for Tony Farnell.
Unfortunately, Adrian Hennessy was deliberately obstructed shortly after the start by some mindless yobs in a car, and abandonned the race in disgust. Anyone get a registration number?

1 Blake Pond 20:59
8 Ian Houvenaghel 21:50
10 Tony Farnell 22:01
Stuart Sly 22:30
Pete Jory 22:56
Sandy Sly 24:43
[Updated Saturday 19 May 2012]
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St Austell Club 10 miles Time Trial Wednesday 16th May

A winner for One and All, Mark Hooper, with the Hooper and Sly families out in force. Strong ride from Stuart Sly and PB for Sandy Sly.

1 Mark Hooper 22:32
3 Ian Houvenaghel 23:13
5 Stuart Sly 23:36
9 Michael Hooper 24:37
18 Sandy Sly 26:17
26 Tracy Hooper 29:36
Liz Bird DNF
[Updated Thursday 17 May 2012]
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Penzance Wheelers Club 10 miles Time Trial Thursday 10th May

The rain held off, but Leedstown was cold and windy. Nobody told Sandy Gourley, who had a stroming ride. What is he eating at the moment?
Only two One and All riders tackled the hills and bends on this popular circuit.

1 Sandy Gourley 22:51
2 Tony Farnell 24:36
7 Peter Jory 25:22
[Updated Thursday 17 May 2012]
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One and All Open 50 miles Time Trial Sunday 13th May

South West District Championships
Fantastic morning for racing a 50. Many PBs recorded. Good to see so many One and All riders performing well.
Many many thanks to all the helpers without whom the race would not have been possible – it’s a big effort to get up at the crack of dawn on a Sunday morning to make tea or stand at a round-a-bout for 3-4 hours. I must say a big thanks Sally Hennessy, Sandy Sly, Tracy Hooper, Adam Allen-Ford, Ian Taylor, Liz Bird, Tanya and Mick Harrison who all performed their roles to perfection with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of humour.
Next One and All Cycling Bike Chain Ricci Open Time Trial:
Wednesday 27th June at 19:00 on S103 course HQ Roche Victory Hall

1, Scott Povey, D2Z, 01:44:04
2, Blake Pond, NDW, 01:45:24
3, Jon Wynn, NV, 01:46:23
4, Andrew Perkins, MDCC, 01:46:32
5, Sean Childs, RNRMCA, 01:48:10
6, Gary Fouracres, SAW, 01:50:50
7, Lubos Obornik, Revo, 01:52:00
8, Guy de Selincourt, CVCTC, 01:52:19
9, David Rouse, NDW, 01:52:19
10, Paul Friday, PZW, 01:52:49
11, Jeff Houghton, Clogic, 01:53:56
12, Damian Ayling, PZW, 01:54:47
13, Matt Pullen, TZ, 01:54:56
14, Mark Hooper, O & A, 01:56:06
15, Nick Harwood, Revo, 01:56:12
16, Steve Kirby, PCCC, 01:56:23
17, Tom Moran, RUT, 01:56:23
18, Andrew Waite, CSD, 01:56:58
19, Chris Birch, NDW, 01:57:26
20, Mark Sanders, MDCC, 01:57:47
21, Lee Sanderson, RNRMCA, 01:59:34
22, Julian Harper, EVCC, 01:59:54
23, Justin Reinke, NDW, 01:59:58
24, Stuart Sly, O & A, 02:00:18
25, Rob Barrow, EWCC, 02:00:36
26, Iain Hounsell, MCC, 02:01:23
27, Chris Vellacott, RNRMCA, 02:01:35
28, Adrian Hennessy, O & A, 02:02:14
29, Andi Timothy, Revo, 02:02:22
30, Chris Guest, SAW, 02:02:28
31, Ian Deakin, MDCC, 02:02:48
32, Huw Jones, PTC, 02:02:59
33, Peter Jory, O & A, 02:03:14
34, Peter Maker, SAW, 02:03:18
35, Neil Minnion, PTC, 02:03:30
36, Peter Miners, CVCTC, 02:04:04
37, Ian Crocker, CVCTC, 02:04:21
38, Darren Penn, CVCTC, 02:06:00
39, Paul Chesterfield, CVCTC, 02:06:55
40, Matthew Eckford, NDW, 02:07:49
41, Lisa Picton, CVCTC, 02:08:32
42, Steve Inglefield, SAW, 02:10:12
43, Rob Brown, CVCTC, 02:10:16
44, Caroline Chesterfield, PZW, 02:11:05
45, Mark Price, PTC, 02:14:07
46, Gary Player, SAW, 02:15:18
46, Kim Homewood, PZW, 02:21:31
48, Alan Chapman, CVCTC, 02:23:32
49, Lisa Player, SAW, 02:26:07
50, Richard Shadbolt, SAW, 02:26:16
Terrence Timms, O & A, DNS apol
Simon Romaine, PTC, DNS
Ray Retter, NDW, DNS
Steve Sage, NDW, DNF
Brennan Townshend, TR, DNS
Stuart Hall, DSFRS, DNS
Jamie Fabrizio, CSD, DNS apol
Stephen Sincock, Revo, DNS
[Updated Monday 14 May 2012]
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St Austell Wheelers Open 25 miles Time Trial Sunday 6th May

A fine morning was somewhat spoiled by a cold easterly breeze that made the two long drags back up from Indian Queens a real slog. Despite this handicap some swift times were recorded and Wendy Houvenaghel, riding for Bike Chain Ricci, suffered a rare defeat on Cornish soil. Blake Pond cleaned up yet another first place, despite only 5 hours sleep after having won a 10 miles TT at Plymouth the previous evening.
A strong field made prizes hard to win, but a healthy turnout from One and All was rewarded by 1st Junior prize for Michael Hooper, PBs for Stuart and Sandy Sly, a solid sub 60 ride by Adrian Hennessy, and Tony Farnell managed to win 1st Vets prize.

1 Blake Pond 52:32
2 Wendy Houvenaghel 53:45
15 Mark Hooper 57:38
20 Tony Farnell 58:52
21 Andrew Smith 58:55
22 Ian Houvenaghel 58:07
24 Adrian Hennessy 59:35
25 Stuart Sly 59:38
31 Peter Jory 61:15
41 Michael Hooper 66:06
42 Sandy Sly 67:54
49 Liz Bird 75:41
[Updated Monday 7 May 2012]
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Truro CC Club 10 miles Time Trial Wednesday 2nd May

What a contrast to the previous Truro TT at Tresillian 4 weeks ago - bright, sunny, calm, 41 riders and a world champion, British Champion and Olympic medallist riding!
Wendy duly gave us all a good thrashing, despite a 16 seconds late start. One and All were well represented with 9 riders. A course PB for Stuart Sly - the Spanish training week perhaps?

1 Wendy Houvenaghel 21:50
4 Mark Hooper 23:03
6 Tony Farnell 23:24
7 Pete Jory 23:50
8 Stuart Sly 24:02
9 Michael Hooper 24:26
10 Adrian Hennessy 24:40
13 Ian Houvenaghel 25:15 (puncture)
23 Sandy Sly 26:56
38 Tracy Hooper 30:09
[Updated Thursday 3 May 2012]
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Camel Calley CTC Open 10 miles Time Trial Saturday 28th April

Another windy afternoon on Goss Moor by all accounts. An outstanding ride by Mark Hooper for 2nd place, only 6 seconds away from a win. Also 2 wins for the club academy with Ricky Parsons 1st Junior and James Trott 1st Juvenile. As a bonus One and All took the team prize thanks to Mark Hooper, Adrian Hennessy and Ricky Parsons.
Meanwhile, the rest of us were at Phil and Nicky's wedding.

1 Lubos Obornik 21:44
2 Mark Hooper 21:50
10 Adrian Hennessy 23:27
15 James Trott 23:54
17 Ricky Parsons 24:05
20 Stuart Sly 24:11
21 Peter Jory 24:36
30 Sandy Sly 26:33
[Updated Thursday 3 May 2012]
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Penzance Wheelers Open 19 miles Time Trial Thursday 26th April

The third round of the Cornish Cup took place on the hilly 2 lap Leedstown circuit. As usual, the faint-hearted stayed away, making it fairly easy to pick up a hatfull of points. A torrential downpour just before the start ensured that the riders had lots of cold puddles to splash through during the race, but the wind was kind, so it was quite a fast evening.
Mark Hooper rode to a fine 2nd place and a course PB. Pete Jory, Adrian Hennessy and Liz Bird also achieved course PBs, so they must be doing something right in training. Tony Farnell took the Vet 60 prize.
The PZW cake competition, won by John Fazakerley, added quite a few calories to the post race refreshments.

1 Sandy Gourley 46:05
2 Mark Hooper 47:05
6 Tony Farnell 48:49
9 Peter Jory 50:20
10 Adrian Hennessy 50:52
11 Andy Smith 51:03
22 Liz Bird 63:37
[Updated Friday 27 April 2012]
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St Austell Wheelers Open 10 miles Time Trial 22nd April

A cold morning with a blustery wind from the west did not deter a healthy number of One and All riders from this second Cornish Cup race of the season. Best placed was Mark Hooper who clocked a respectable 22:54 for 7th place. Tony Farnell bagged 1st Vet, Adrian Hennessy rode a commendable 24:20 only a day after returning from a big training week in Spain, and Sandy Sly was only 4 seconds away from 2nd and 2 seconds from 3rd woman.

1. Blake Pond 21:14
7. Mark Hooper 22:54
16. Tony Farnell 24:14
17. Adrian Hennessy 24:20
18. Andy Smith 24:24
25. Stuart Sly 25:21
27. Pete Jory 25:22
31. Michael Hooper 26:20
40. Sandy Sly 28:04
[Updated Sunday 22 April 2012]
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Early Season Time Trial Results 2012

St Austell Wheelers Open 21 miles hilly TT
The season kicked off on Sunday 11th March with this tough race, starting and finishing in the Ladock Valley. Unlike last year the weather was kind, with mild temperatures and no wind - so only 2 climbs up the big hill to survive.
Blake Pond broke Sean Child\'s course record. For One and All Cycling Bike Chain Ricci, young James Trott was 1st Juvenile, Tony Farnell 1st Vet with a course PB, and Pete Jory smashed his course PB.

1 Blake Pond 47:30
7 James Trott 52:49
8 Tony Farnell 53:46
11 Pete Jory 54:40

Camel Valley Club 10 miles TT
1 Graham Lobb 22:28
2 Tony Farnell 22:32
9 Adrian Hennessy 24:07

Camel Valley Open 10 miles TT
On Saturday 24th March this race was battered by strong winds, but with 84 entries and almost all the top TT riders in the SW present, some fast times were still recorded on the potentially fast Goss Moor course.
Blake Pond won again. There was a really good turn-out for One and All, with Michael Hooper 1st Junior, father Mark Hooper 1st Vet 40, and Tony Farnell 1st Vet 60.

1 Blake Pond 20:40
14 Mark Hooper 22:42
15 Ian Houvenahel 22:50
18 Tony Farnell 22:54
22 Andy Smith 23:06
35 Pete Jory 24:10
40 Michael Hooper 24:34
41 Stuart Sly 24:50
42 Adrian Hennessy 24:53
62 Sandy Sly 27:12
71 Pete Woodford 29:18
73 Liz Bird 29:42

Truro CC Club 10 miles TT
The first of the mid-week TTs took place on Wednesday 4th April - nice and sunny warming up, then a rain and sleet storm while the race was on! My results are a bit sketchy because my photo of the timekeeper\'s sheet wasn\'t very clear.
1st Ian Houvenaghel 23:38
2nd Tony Farnell 24:12
4th Pete Jory 25:27
[Updated Tuesday 10 April 2012]
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