Introduction to Road Racing

Road races are mass start events sanctioned by British Cycling (BC), the national governing body. They may take place on the open roads or on closed (traffic-free) circuits, where they are usually described as criteriums or circuit races. Usually road races and circuit races consist of laps of a signed and marshalled course.
Distances vary, but a typical circuit race will involve about 1 hour of racing, while a road race can be any distance from 30 to 100 miles. Unlike time trialling, times are not important; the rider who crosses the finish line first is the winner.
Drafting is allowed and means that racing is very tactical and a high level of bike handling skills are required for riding at high speed in a tightly packed bunch.
To take part in a road race you must be a Gold or Silver member of BC and purchase an annual racing licence.
Road races are divided into categories for different abilities of riders - 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st and Elite. When you first take out a licence and start racing you will be a 4th Cat rider, and can enter for any races designated for 4th Cats. Points are allocated for finishing positions. As soon as you reach 10 points in a season, you will automatically be promoted to 3rd Cat and sent a new racing licence. Once you are a 3rd Cat rider you can never be relegated back to 4th Cat, which is regarded as a beginner\'s category. To move from 3rd Cat to 2nd Cat you need 40 points in a season. To avoid relegation back to 3rd Cat you will need to win at least 20 points the following season. There is similar promotion and demotion to and from 1st Cat and Elite.
In the south west, you generally have to enter road races in advance using an official BC entry form with a typical entry fee of £15. Circuit races can generally be entered on the day. The full calender of races and entry details is published on the BC website.
It is advisable to arrive at the race HQ at least 1 hour before the advertised start time. You need to sign on, hand in your race licence, collect your numbers, warm up and listen to the race briefing. Afterwards, refreshments are provided, prizes are presented and your licence will be returned when you hand in your numbers.

Springtime Pursuit 1 Saturday 16th February

My perspective of todays race hopefully the other guys can add their experience.In dry cold-ish conditions today we began, a nice drive up from Cornwall with 3 of us on the backseat. Sign on, get changed, have a brief ride down and start. I was regretting the lack of a proper warm up as we began, my legs weren't happy! I had 3 minutes to make up on the first group and 2 and 4 to hold the groups off behind.

The group was strange with a lot of passengers just happy to sit in, the Mid Devon and Exeter Wheelers riders were happy to work and contribute plus myself and a couple of others but we had a lot of passengers who also would disrupt the through and off so it would break down and the unlucky person on the front would have their nose in the wind for a bit too long! This resulted in a lot of double turns to restart the pace line. Though some people decided attacking for 22nd place would be a good idea and at one point guys were just drifting off the front, without even trying!

With around 1 1/2 laps to go we were caught by the Scratch and 3rd group, as our inconsistent through and off finally made us pay, the gap to the 1st group was down to about 1 minute by this time and with the extra man power the gap distengrated rapidly, by the final lap it was all in one piece. It was quite difficult to move up but I felt safer than I ever have than in a circuit race, people don't seem to take the stupid risks they do on a closed circuit.

As we apporached the final climb, I was following a large group of Mid Devon, I ended up tracking Andy Parker up the climb, finishing with the contestors for the win in sight but not really part of the fight as the difference from high speed to climb had really taken the zip out of my legs, probably along with a lack of water. I rode up the climb best I could overtaking some riders to finish around 20-30th though I'm not sure. Stan, Luc and Mike rode in with the main bunch of riders, though the peloton had exploded as climb began, I think we all regretted not recceing in as the length was a lot longer than first expected!
Thanks to all the volunteers and marshals and Mid Devon for organizing the event probably the best racing experience I've ever had so far..
Duncan Heywood
[Updated Monday 18 February 2013]
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2013 Races

With the season fast approaching riders need to start thinking about entering races and sorting out travel arrangements.

Over the next few weeks if riders could email me at their intentions of the races they plan to enter I will then put a list on here to help riders make travel arrangements and split the cost of fuel.

Remember get your entries in early especially for 2/3/4 racers as these fill up early to avoid disappointment.
Below is a list of currently published race from British Cycling Website calendar as of 3/1/13. then us the filters to select South West Region Races.
Date Race Cat Riders
16/2/13 Springtime Pursuits E/1/2/3
4th Cat
23/2/13 Springtime Pursuits E/1/2/3
4th Cat
2/3/13 Springtime Pursuits E/1/2/3
4th Cat
17/3/13 Atlas Roadford Classic E/1/2
24/3/13 Circuit South Hams Road Race 3/4
7/4/13 Ham Hill E/1/2/3
7/4/13 Pittards 3/4
7/4/13 North Devon Youth Series Youth Only
14/4/13 Newquay Velo 2/3/4
4th Cat
30/4/13 Westpoint E/1/2/3
4/5/13 Halwin Junction 3/4
4 & 5/5/13 Totnes Vire 2 day Stage Race E/1/2/3
5/5/13 North Devon Youth Series Youth Only
2/6/13 Fraddon Grand Prix E/1/2/3
9/6/13 BC South West Youth Stage Race Youth Only
9/6/13 The John Andrews Road Race 2/3/4
11/6/13 Westpoint 4th Cat
14/6/13 Hatherleigh Junior Road Race Junior Only
28/7/13 Brentor Road Races E/1/2/3
4th Cat
28/7/13 North Devon Youth Series Youth Only
11/8/13 North Devon Youth Series Youth Only
16/8/13 Paignton Regatta All
18/8/13 North Devon Youth Series Youth Only
24,25 &26/8/13 Atlas 3-day Dartmoor Tour E/1/2/3
[Updated Thursday 3 January 2013]
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2013 Events

For all Road races, Closed curcuits and sportives rides keep checking the BCF webpage road calender link below®ion_id%5B%5D=11

Once on the page scroll down on the left side and select events in the region you require. You can also change the type of event to mountian biking, BMX, etc. Time trials do not come under the BCF for open time trials look on the RTTC events page
[Updated Thursday 29 November 2012]
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Race Group Training Sunday 2nd December

Race group ride Sunday 2nd December
Meet 8:50 Sign in to leave 9am Prompt!
3.5-4 hrs at 17ish mph
Purposed route:
Bissoe, PerranPorth, St Neyln East, Mitchell, Summercourt, Brighton Cross, then a few lap for Fraddon road race route, down valley to Tresillian, Truro, Bissoe

I will not be taking out the race group on Sunday 9th December as I taking part in the awareness ride up to St.Austell.
[Updated Thursday 29 November 2012]
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Cornish Series Race Report

Fiona Telfer Brunton Report for the final Cornish Series Saturday 22nd September 2012.

One and All riders finished the Cornish Series in style yesterday with wins in their respective age groups for Oliver Brunnock and Emily Haywood with Toby Manser a close 2nd. In the Youth A/B races Penny Colloff finished the season in style out sprinting her competition who in previous races she had been left for dead by and Jack Mattock a new member of the Academy took a convincing win in the Youth A race.

Luc Hesdon took the step up to racing in the 3/4's and despite finding the going tough gave a good account of himself whilst Duncan Heywood produced his best most controlled race of the season to finish 5th in a sprint for the line with Ian Houvenaghel in 1st place.

In the E/1/2 race Darren Manser and Rich Edmond finished the job off for one and all with Rich aggressive throughout and Darren marking the main competition to ensure a good result. With the main protagonists all together going into he final lap Rich Edmond launched an epic attack jumping off the back of the bunch and riding across to the far left hand gutter onto the rough unsurfaced track to then bunny hop a drainage ditch opening a gap on the rest that he would then hold into the bottom bend and up the hill to the finish. Darren then went on to out sprint James Smith to make it a One and All 1,2.

Im pretty sure I also saw Steve Whitehouse having a crack in the 4th cat race? apologies for not seeing how you got on.

Len Pascoe also received an award from PZW as thanks for all his hard work over the years.
[Updated Tuesday 25 September 2012]
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Cornish Series 4 Wednesday 23rd May

Another successful evening promotion with a few thrills and spills. Well done to Darren Manser and Richard Edmond, with top ten finishes in the elite race.
Also congratulations to all the juniors for more outstanding performances, including a 1-2-3 in the Youths race for Ricky Parsons, James Trott and Stan Thompson.
Results so far:

4 Darren Manser
8 Rich Edmond

1 Ricky Parsons
2 James Trott
3 Stan Thompson
[Updated Friday 25 May 2012]
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Team Tor 2000 Circuit Races Thursday 17th May

James Trott and Ricky Parsons scorched around the Ilton circuit, finishing 1st and 3rd respectively.
[Updated Friday 25 May 2012]
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Cornish Series 3 Saturday 5th May

Third in the series opener, Adam Bright (Primal Europe) stepped up to take the honours in the second round of the Cornish Series on the exposed 1.3-mile cliff top airfield circuit at RAF Portreath, Redruth.
The 25-year-old winner, from Bideford, profited from the bad luck of team-mate Rob Wilcox, who was 40 seconds clear and heading for a solo victory when he punctured with three laps to go and lost his place at the head of the elite field. Wilcox chased hard after a wheel change, but was unable to haul back the leading trio and had to settle for fourth place. Darren Manser did well to snatch 6th place for One and All.
One and All scored some excellent wins in the junior classes.


Cats 1,2
6 Darren Manser (One and All Cycling)

3 Fiona Telfer-Brunton (One and All Cycling)

Megan Hopgood (One and All Cycling)

Youth C
1 Alfie Peters (One and All Cycling)

Megan Wherry (One and All Cycling)

Youth D
1 Toby Peters (One and All Racing)
2 Oliver Brunnock (One and All Racing)

Abigail Wherry (One and All Cycling)
[Updated Friday 25 May 2012]
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Cornish Series 2 Wednesday 9th May

A damp and wet evening saw some exciting racing at the new venue of Perranporth Airfield. John Allen and Duncan Heywood were in the points in the 3 + 4 Cat race, while Darren Manser also scored in the E + 1 + 2 race. Academy patron Chris Opie lapped the field in this latter race!

Cornish series race 3 cat3/4
1 Garry James
2 Martin Lenney
3 Matt Loake
4 John Allen
5 Duncan Heywood
6 Hari Slade
7 Chris Simcock
8 Andrew Ellis

Cornish series race 3 cat E/1/2/3/
1 Chris Opie
2 James Smith
3 Richard Oram
4 Peter Hayworth
5 Rob Willcocks
6 Scott Tomkinson
7 Adam Bright
8 Jason Kettle
9 Tom Moran
10 Darren Manser
11 Tim McEvoy
[Updated Monday 14 May 2012]
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Early Season Road Race Results 2012

Pride of place must go to Jake Alderman, winner of the opening race of the season, the MDCC Springtime Pursuit in Devon and winner of the 3+4 Cat at the first of the Cornish Series crit races and to Ricky Parsons with 3 Under 16 wins already under his belt. Closely following on their heels is Alfie Peters with 2 wins and a 2nd place.

Springtime Pursuit 1 18th Feb
1st Jake Alderman

Springtime Pursuit 3 3rd Mar
5th Jake Alderman

1st Chard Wheelers Circuit Races 18th March
U10 Boys 1st Toby Peters
U10 Girls 1st Abigail Wherry
U12 Boys 1st Alfie Peters
U14 Girls 3rd Megan Hopgood

Cornish Series 1 31st Mar
1+2+3 Cat 6th Darren Manser
3+4 Cat 1st Jake Alderman, 5th Ian Houvenaghel
U10 1st Toby Peters, 2nd Oliver Brunnock, 3rd Ruben Ward
U10 girls 1st Abigail Wherry
U12 boys 1st Alfie Peters
U12 girls 1st Megan Wherry
U16 youths 1st Ricky Parsons

Newquay Velo Road race 15th April
9th Rich Edmond
13th Darren Manser

Somerset RC Circuit Races 22nd April
U10 boys 3rd Toby Peters
U12 boys 2nd Alfie Peters
U16 youth 1st Ricky Parsons
Women 3rd Jenny Taylor

Team Tor Circuit Races 26th April
U16 youth 1st Ricky Parsons, 2nd James Trott
Under 12 Girls 1st
[Updated Monday 7 May 2012]
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