Club Structure for Sunday Rides

Please ensure you sign the start sheets before you go on any of the rides. This is important for your safety and our records. You have two complimentary rides before we ask you to join One & All Cycling and British Cycling, British Triathlon or Cycling UK (formerly CTC). Wearing club kit is not compulsory, but we would, of course, prefer it if you did!!

PLEASE NOTE: If you are new to the area, or just joining us whilst here on holiday, please think about joining a group one step down from your normal ride, especially if you come from a relatively flat part of the country. Cornwall is very LUMPY! Rides average about 750ft every 10 miles, and occasionally 1,000ft every 10 miles. So a 30 mile ride might have over 3,000+ft of climbing in it!!

You have been warned.... but we're looking forward to seeing you, and we have a 'no drop' policy, so you will always be with the group! And we aim to return to base about 12.30-1.00pm so you have time for a coffee, or a light lunch, or just head off to enjoy the afternoon.

Starter/leisure group: average speed 10-11 mph (16-18km/h), distance 15-20 miles (32-38kms), duration 2 hours, for beginners and leisure cyclists who wish to enjoy the bike ride and are starting to get fit, start time 0930.

GROUP 1: average speed 12-13 mph (20-22km/h), distance 25-30 miles (40-50kms), duration 2-3 hours, For those getting a little stronger but still a broadly social group, start time 0925.

GROUP 2; average speed 13-14 mph (23km/h), distance 30-40 miles (48-65kms), duration 2-3 hours For those taking cycling a little more seriously, with the expectation that you ride in a fairly disciplined group, start time around 0925.

GROUP 3: average speed 15-16 mph (24km/h), distance 35-45 miles 60-75kms), duration 3 hours. Starting to get properly serious, tight group riding, with 'through and off' opportunities when appropriate. Start time 0920.

GROUP 4: average speed 16+ mph (27km/h), distance 50+ miles (80kms), duration 3 hours. Regular 'through and off', plenty of carbon and eyeballs out at times! Start time 0920.

ACADEMY SUNDAY SESSIONS AND RIDES: varies according to the programme. Separate details will be given to all academy members (check the Academy website), meeting at 0900 with sessions starting at 0930.

Sunday 11th June 2017

Sunday 11th June Rides
Starting from Stithians Lake & Water Sports Centre

Ride Leaders:
Leisure: Rita Cutts
Group 1: Sarah Colloff
Group 2: Dave Beckinsale
Group 3: Adrian Colloff
Group 4: John Manear

Top temperature 18 degrees
Sunny intervals
Wind Direction SW
[Updated Saturday 10 June 2017]
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One & All Club Rides

Sunday rides are one of the mainstays of the One & All Cycling. These rides are designed to cater for as many different abilities as possible from complete novice through to those training for road races and time trials.

The structure of a Sunday ride starts with cyclists meeting up from around 8.45am at Various locations Mid/West Cornwall (please check facebook page or under the heading of Sunday Rides). Club ride guides are provided to divide cyclists into groups of different abilities so that everybody cycles with people similar to themselves. See the separate section below for the structure of Sunday Groups. Make sure you have had some breakfast (porridge is ideal) and please come prepared with a full drinks bottle (energy drink is better than water), an energy gel and/or energy bar, together with a spare inner tube, tyre levers and small pump to change a puncture. A lightweight windproof and/or waterproof jacket is also fairly essential! The wearing of a suitable cycle helmet is compulsory.

The groups depart from the starting point at 5 minute intervals starting at around 0915hrs for the faster groups. Safety on the road is of paramount importance. The ride guides are experienced cyclists who aim to keep everybody safe whilst enjoying a challenging ride. Ride guides warn of hazards ahead, change of speed, change of direction, potholes, manhole covers, parked and approaching vehicles along with pedestrians, dog walkers and horse riders. Warnings are given verbally and by pointing and given in plenty of time.

There are also regular longer rides called Sportive Sessions, which are aimed at preparing for popular sportive rides held locally and nationally. These are around 60 miles, so check out the Sportive website page for dates and details of these events.

At the end of the ride, all the cyclists tend to come back Wheal Jane, then head for a cafe, where we drink large amounts of coffee and eat loads of cake, whilst exaggerating our mornings achievements! Have a look at our One and All Cycling Facebook page where there are often lots of comments from cyclists about the good times they had on Sunday rides.
[Updated Monday 6 March 2017]
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Midweek Morning Rides (MMR)

Wednesday sees the possibility of joining two rides.

Midweek Morning Rides (MMR) is a new social ride organised by club members, generally around 25 miles (40kms) with an opportunity for a coffee stop during or after the ride. We are starting the rides from different locations around West/Mid Cornwall so that we can give the opportunity to experience some new routes not always available on a Sunday morning from Wheal Jane.

Check out the One and All Cycling FB page for the latest meeting point and route for the week.

Helmet compulsory.
[Updated Monday 6 March 2017]
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