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Although One and All Cycling is a relatively new club, it is already the largest cycling club in Cornwall with an unusually diverse membership currently 200+ in number. Behind the scenes there is an active committee, elected annually at the AGM. The committee works hard on behalf of club members, meeting monthly to organise and promote a wide range of cycling and social activities, including Sunday rides, sportives, road races, time trials, a flourishing youth academy, a route to coaching qualifications, quiz nights, cycle jumbles and evenings out, as well as a wide range of club kit.

The aim of this page is not only to provide information to members about the latest developments within the club, but also to seek assistance when required for our numerous activities and to stimulate others to make a positive contribution to our club.

If you have some news that you wish to share with the rest of the club, use the Contacts page to pass it on the the appropriate committee member, who will post it on the website. If you require help with a club-related activity that you are promoting, then advertise it on this page. If you want to keep abreast of club affairs, this is the first place to look.

There is also a very active One and All Cycling Facebook page, where ride routes, photos and general comments can be found.

One and All Cycling: Club Kit

All club kit is now available (summer 2015 onwards) from club member Dave Wilson. Please contact Dave at Wheal Jane on a Sunday morning, as he usually carries a limited selection of the stock available in his car. Dave can also be contacted by email on, and I suggest you let him know what item of kit you are looking for, and the approximate size. Dave can then bring some samples for you to try and then buy.

Thanks also go to Richard Holman, our club treasurer, who has the onerous job of keeping track of the finances, paying all the invoices to Kalas, who currently manufacture our kit.

Dave Beckinsale
Club Secretary
[Updated Monday 6 March 2017]
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Committee Meetings and AGM minutes

Please go to the 'Download' page of the One and All Cycling website where you will fing links to the most recent meeting notes.

Dave Beckinsale
Club Secretary
[Updated Monday 6 March 2017]
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New Website

I am currently redesigning the club website, with the emphasis on a cleaner, simpler look. Any suggestions for possible improvements would be most welcome. I'm also keen to obtain more photos of club activities. Please email me if you can help. You can see a prototype of the new site at
[Updated Tuesday 30 December 2014]
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Horse riders a club policy.

Horse riders
A reminder to club riders that when we see horses ahead of us on the road the club policy is to shout to the horse rider so that they can settle their horse and the horse knows that "humans" are about to arrive from behind. We receive endless abuse from drivers but we do not wish to show disrespect to others. Also a large horse rampaging through a group of riders is going to do not good to carbon fibre and flesh!!
Rod James
[Updated Friday 6 September 2013]
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One and All Cycling Forum - Now Open

Our forum is open to club members only, providing a place where we can identify and discuss current issues concerning the club and associated activities. Initially there are forums for rides, sportives, time trials, road races, BMX, MTB, cyclo-cross, triathlon and training, with an additional forum under the 'General' heading to allow for anything else. Further forums can be added if required.

Within each forum you can create topics as required, and within each topic you can post responses as comments.

To access our forums use the 'Forum' button on the Home page to go to the forum 'Login' page, where you can use the 'Register' button to go through the registration process. You will be emailed a password, which you can change to something more convenient any time that you have logged in. Please note that your name and email is as you supplied on your membership application form.

If you encounter any problems registering or logging in, please contact me at
[Updated Thursday 2 May 2013]
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Sunday Rides

For newcomers, ensure you have full drinks bottle, inner tube or repair kit with you on the Sunday ride. Ride leaders cannot always accommodate if we have more than one puncture in the group. You need to be moderately self-sufficient as well have some ideas how to change/repair a puncture. Ensure your bike is road-worthy, and, if in any doubt, please ASK before setting off for your ride. It will make your ride more satisfactory and reassuring also.
If you ever have any worries during your ride, do speak out; you will always be listened to and attended to. The aim is to get you back the next week and the one after and so on...
[Updated Tuesday 17 July 2012]
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