Introduction to Mountainbiking

Cross-Country, including Enduro and Marathon: endurance, fitness and machine control all combine to make a top Cross-Country MTB racer. In Cross-Country racing, riders start together (massed start) and compete on a marked lap (typically three to six kilometres) with climbing, descending, single-track and technical sections (tight turns, narrow tracks, rocks, mud or other difficult terrain). Less experienced and older/younger riders tackle fewer laps. Elite level riders race for up to 2 and a half hours. The "Marathon" category made its debut at the 2003 World Championships - Marathons can be 50km, 100km or even 150km in length, with longer laps and in some cases just a single loop of the full distance.
Downhill: Who is quickest top to bottom? Who brakes latest, corners fastest and rides nearest to the edge of their ability? Downhill is the ultimate test of nerve and machine control. Riders race individually against the clock pitting themselves against a challenging succession of jumps, bumps, berms (cambered corners) and drop-offs on a course which is predominantly downhill - often dropping between 300 and 600 metres in perhaps 2.5 km of racing! Races usually last between 2 and 5 minutes.
4-Cross(4X): 4-Cross pits 4 riders at a time against each other over a short, mainly downhill course: usually a mixture of natural and man made obstacles including stutter bumps, double jumps, table tops, step ups, drop offs, moguls, bermed or off camber corners and gap jumps. First over the line wins and events usually involve a series of qualifying rounds or "motos" and then semis and finals. The start is controlled by a BMX-style mechanical gate.

Mountain Bike Course for Juniors

Starting this Saturday, in conjunction with one and All Youth Academy, Martin Beck and
Bikechain Bissoe bike hire and café

MTB Course for Children - Starting Saturday 10th January 2015 11.00 - 13.30

Course run by Martin Beck BC & CTC Qualified Cycle Coach.

Martin has designed the session(s) to help the individual to advance their technical riding
skills at a pace that suits them. They will also learn how to look after their bike through basic maintenance checks.

What will they need?

A road worthy mountain bike with gears(at least 6 speed) and brakes that work
and can be used effectively by the rider.

A Helmet.

Water proof jacket and Gloves

Ruck-sack with spare clothes

Elbow and knee/shin pads (optional)


What do we need?

Adult helpers - anyone keen to come along and help out and maybe learn a thing or two aswel.....that would be awesome.

For more information and booking , please contact Martin or call
Tony at Bissoe Bike Hire and Café on 01872 870341.
[Updated Thursday 15 January 2015]
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One and All Boasts a new National/British Champion... A young lady AND on a Mountain Bike

2013 has been a massive year for Academy female rider Megan Wherry.
Megan has been riding at the top of BMX for 7 years and this year decided to try her hand at some mtb racing firstly in Downhill at a local level entering the winter series at Tavistock where she successfully won the series.
In the summer of this year Megan decided to try out 4x racing and went to Redhill to join the Cornish clan who are racing this series.
The track suited Megan’s riding and after enjoying practice and the social banter the evening before she entered the race with the elite women. After winning the second final and taking 5th overall Megan had found a new side of her cycling and looked forward to the next round which was to hold the National/British Championships.
Arriving at a very steep, fast dusty track, Meg couldn’t wait to get the bike out and start practicing what was to be her favourite track so far. Loooking fast and comfortable in practice she again relaxed with her fellow Kernow riders that evening buzzing for what was to be a fantastic weekend.
Saturday was the next round of the series and again Megan had to race with the elite ladies. In the heats Megan avoided the current champion and qualified in the opposite semi to her and did enough to go to the final. By now the confidence was showing as the gate dropped Katy Curd the current Champion led the way with Meg chasing hard in third where she was to stay and finish on the podium.
Next morning was all about the Champs and because of the rules for age catogories Megan was to race against the other female youth riders and it was to be a best of 4 deciding the result. Megan took the 1st and 2nd and finished 2nd in the 3rd. This meant a win would give her the jersey. Dad was a nervous wreck and when he tried to reassure her before the final as told, “its ok dad i know what i need to do”.
The gate dropped and within a blink and heading for the first jump Megan gave her all and went clear where she was to stay and take the win and become Champion.
[Updated Friday 1 November 2013]
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One and All Academy Girls dominate Downhill.....

been a while since i updated the MTB page on here so I thought I would bring it up to speed.
The MTB side of the club has been quite until this year when I took over the coaching and past on some influence to riders who were looking to do something off road.
At the beginning of the year I started a programme of coaching with a selection of keen off road riders and firstly introduced some core mtb skills and then progressed towards challenging skills both physically and mentally.
I was pleased to see a group of riders wanting to test their skills and enter some events.
Downhill is a fast, demanding test of these skills and some of the Academy entered a series of races over 4 races on different tracks in Tavistock woods run by Woodland Riders, a club providing some great riding here and at Gawton.
The group was pretty much a female entry apart from an existing O&A youth youth rider who was already racing downhill.
The young ladies, Megan Wherry, Tyde d’Souza, Jess Beckham and Maddie Burley rocked up at their first round to be over whelmed by a dominance of young males on fantastic machines all kited to the eye balls working their way to the start.
We signed the girls on and away they went nervously for some practice runs. Once they were there the leading female rider gladly welcomed them into the fold and guided them down the track.
Over the series the girls overcome some massive fears and anticipations and became well at home on the hill, through their attendance the organisers recognised the need for a youth ladies category which they now have to race in and receive their own placing.
The series finished and our girls did the club proud by taking 1st, 2nd, and 4th overall.
Well Done Girls.
Come on Boys ?
The 2013/14 winter series starts on Dec 8TH. See our calendar for all our dates.
[Updated Friday 1 November 2013]
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