One & All Membership

This section often refers to the Club Secretary. David beckinsale is the Club Secretary and deals with all membership issues. Membership queries can be made in person at Wheal Jane on a Sunday morning, or David can be contacted by email using

Ideally we would like you to apply to join One and All Cycling Club on-line using the ‘British Cycling’ (BC) web site; the following link should take you to our club profile page:

Prospective members new to cycling may wish to visit the BC ‘Home Page’, do this use the following link instead:

Using this on-line facility (which saves the club a lot of administration time and paper) will require the use of a debit or credit card to complete the on-line payment process of the application process. If you do not have these cards please contact the Club Secretary so alternative arrangements can be made.

Please note it is our club policy that all members are members of British Cycling, British Triathlon or Cycling UK (formerly CTC), partly because all provide ‘Third Party’ insurance. To obtain third party insurance through BC you will need to join BC as a ‘Ride’, ‘Race Silver’ or ‘Race Gold’ member (currently Race Bronze membership does not provide the third party liability protection that we require). If you do not wish to join BC (perhaps you are already a member of British Triathlon or Cycling UK) please use the other option to join without BC membership.
If you have joined BC on-line you can register to use the on-line system club membership.
- You will be given a BC ‘logon’ (usually your membership number) and you will have created your own ‘password’.
- Log in to the BC website using your own logon and password, this will save you time later as you will not have to re enter personal data
- Go to ‘My Dashboard’ press enter.
- Then click on ‘My Clubs and Teams’.
- Next click on the ‘Clubs Profile’ button this will take you to the ‘One and All - Profile Page - Here you will see an option to ‘Buy Club Membership’
- Click on this button to complete the process.
(If you have any difficulty using the BC website please contact BC directly)

Once payment is complete the system will generate a receipt for your payment that you will be able to print off. You should receive an email once your ‘Application’ has been approved by the Club Secretary. Please note that any junior or children members that are part of a family memberships will only be ‘Approved’ upon receipt of a completed ‘Parental Consent Form’ that details each child/young person (aged U18) included in the ‘application'. These forms must be signed and passed to the organisers of the One and All Cycling Youth Academy sessions.

You can download the 'O & A Parental Consent Form' (in doc or pdf format) from the Downloads and Links page on this website. If you have any concerns, please contact Steve Maynard, Academy Secretary on 07896 787272.

Club memberships will run for a period of 12 months from date of approval. If you have any questions whatsoever about this letter please contact the Club Secretary.

Rod James (Chairman One and All Cycling)


1. One and All Cycling is a members club and functions to provide opportunities for members to start and develop their cycling at whatever level they wish. Club members are expected to support each other and the club so that a range of activities and promotions can take place supporting both the club and cycling in general.

2. All club members are expected to be members of British Cycling, British Triathlon or Cycling UK

3. British Cycling Membership must be at either Ride, Race Silver or Race Gold level. Race Bronze does not provide liability insurance.

4. At the heart of the club are the Sunday rides and all club members are expected to support these rides by responding to instructions from ride leaders and by offering to lead rides themselves after six months of club membership, provided they have the self confidence and ability to do so.

5. The club has a number of polices relating to membership and behaviour while riding on the road. Please refer to our web site for details. All club members are expected to adhere to behave in line with the content of these polices.

6. The club actively supports the development of the One and All Youth Academy and the presence of young people in the club is an important feature of its culture.

7. The club has signed up to the British Cycling polices on Inclusion, Discrimination and Child Protection all of which are considered central to the culture of the club.

8. All club members are encouraged to wear club kit but it is not compulsory.

9. One and All Cycling exists because of volunteer’s effort and all club members are encouraged to contribute in all aspects of club life.

10. The club has a yearly subscription paid through British Cycling. Instructions with regard how to ‘Buy Membership’ on line using the British Cycling System is available on our web site.



1. It is part of the British Cycling Code of Conduct to ensure that reasonable steps are taken to establish a safe environment where young people can enjoy developing their cycling skills.

2. Parents/Carers are encouraged to stay and watch the session.

3. Young people are expected to remain in the session from beginning to end unless they have to leave early. If the young person has to leave early or is being collected by someone other than the parent/carer, the parent/carer must advise the coach of the details of the arrangement, including who will be collecting the rider.

4. It is the young person’s responsibility to participate in cycling activities in a sporting manner.

5. Any young riders who persistently misbehave or put others in danger will be asked to leave the session.

6. It is the parent’s/carer’s responsibility to ensure that their child’s bike is in a safe condition to ride.

7. A correctly fitting cycling helmet must be worn at all times during the cycling activity sessions.

8. For all children under 12 years, coaching sessions will take place at a traffic-free facility. Over 12s may be involved in coaching sessions that take place on the public highway. Young people are only invited to take part when coaches feel they are sufficiently responsible for their own actions and have developed the necessary bike handling skills and fitness levels in order to cope with riding on the public highways. There is a small charge for each session at Wheal Jane.

Once you have read the above please download 'O & A Parental Consent Form' (in MS Word doc or pdf format)from the Downloads and Links page on this website, sign it and submit it to the secretary.