Introduction to BMX

BMX racing is an extremely exciting sport open to riders of all ages, making it great fun for all the family. Up to eight riders race, Moto-Cross-style, around a 300-400m track, with jumps, bump and berms (banked corners). The excitement and popularity of BMX racing have caught the attention of the International Olympic Committee and BMX is now an Olympic sport. With many clubs and tracks up and down the country, it is very easy to get involved.
There are two different types of BMX race bike: the 20 inch (your everyday BMX bike with 20 inch wheels) and the 24 inch cruiser (a slightly bigger bike with 24 inch wheels). You don\'t need a top of the line race machine to start with, you just need one that can get you around the track and meet the basic requirements.
Riders come from all areas and backgrounds, starting from four years of age and running up to forty plus. They race against riders of their own age or ability group. Families involved are usually interested in bikes, competitive sport and the physical and mental benefits of being active. It is common for the whole family to be involved with the parents acting as coaches, mechanics, chefs and cheer-leaders. This family angle turns race days into real Events!

One and All at World BMX Championships

Back home from the World BMX Champs and what an expereince it was these kids are seriously hardcore, skillful and determined no doubt about it!
It was an honour to be able to watch and support Abi Wherry, Megan Wherry and Megan Hopgood as they raced in GB colours. The girls really put themselves on the line everytime they took to the start gates battling it out against the worlds top riders and whilst they may not have got any results to shout about they have had an experience that will stand them in good stead for the future. In today's racing Megan W was racing against U16 riders but still got stuck in and gave it her all everytime which shows true guts and determination. We always say in the Academy that you should race at the highest level possible and the girls have certainly done that over the past few days and will be better riders for it in the long term.
Whilst the girls really were a credit to the club and to their families a big thank must also go to Ian Wherry for all the hard work he has put in with them in training prior to the event and will continue to put in going forward.
Next up the girls will all be racing on June 3rd in the Regional Series, Exeter and will be looking to cement their statuses as the best riders in the region.
Go for it Girls and remember you earned your places at the Worlds on your performances this year so keep up the hard work and plenty more success will come no doubt about it!!
Fiona Telfer-Brunton
[Updated Monday 28 May 2012]
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